The Netherlands-based band will be a part of the International Music Festival, which will be held between 23rd to 26th December.
Coming from the headquarters of dance music festivals lies one the smallest dots on the globe with the biggest heart, the Sint Maarten-bred band Orange Grove (OG), who will infiltrate the mind & spirit of the Indian audience. The band, which brings the Caribbean vibes to the colder capitals of the world, is a melting pot of everything they love, especially since traces of rock, hip-hop and reggae can be heard in their sound.

Check out their track ‘Ready for it below’.

For more than 10 years they have continued to expand their fan base from the Caribbean to Europe all the way back across the Atlantic to the United States. This group of five resolute and driven individuals form an unstoppable assembly with one goal in sight, spreading their feel-good vibes to the world!

The band known for their infectious sounds and vibrations and will be playing at Mumbai’s biggest college festival, Mood Indigo, between 23rd to 26th December. Italian duo VINAI will be headlining EDM Nite. They are currently ranked at #43 on the famous DJ MAG Top 100.

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