Demon Slayer will be getting a new game, thanks to the franchise’s massive popularity. Also, there is a mobile game and a separate Console game. We have information about the console games. The Demon Slayer game was announced last year and since then we have been getting a steady flow of information.

Nothing too detailed, only some vague screenshots. But today we just got some new HD screenshots of the actual gameplay. The screenshots tell a lot about the game’s features and where the game will take place

New features revealed!

The game will be a arena fighter just like Dragon Ball: Kakarot and JumpForce.

This photo shows Tanjiro and Zenetsu going toe to toe in a fiery showdown. The matches will probably be starting this way in the game too.

The next image gives us confirmation about the multiplayer features of the game. We see tanjiro going against Zenetsu and Inusuke. This feature was speculated for a long time and now we have finally got some confirmation

The backgrounds of these images suggest that they are fighting in the forest where Tanjiro first trained when he was trying to cut the boulder. The boulder is visible to, inusuke can be seen interacting with it. This also confirms the addition of Sabito as a playable character.

Graphics are not the best, it is a step up from the Dragon Ball: Kakarot games. Although anime games don’t have up to date graphics, this game looks fresh.

Tanjiro can be seen using his various breathing techniques throughout these images. Though the exact number of special moves wasn’t revealed we can see 3 in these screenshots.

The game will not be a Sony exclusive and will be available for all major consoles except for the Nintendo Switch.