Pokemon diamond and pearl are next in line for getting a remake and everything just adds up. If you’re a Poke Fan you know what I’m talking about. Everytime a new console is released, a previous generation of Pokemon is given a remake.

And new rumors are popping out everywhere as we inch closer and closer to the Nintendo Direct event which should take place this month. This year it is a big deal as this is the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise. And they already had a new year event in space! Further intensifying the rumors relating to Diamond and Pearl

Most of these leaks come via 4chan and they are pretty detailed and most of the time just fake. But there are many credible ones, let me summarize them for you.

Many posts have this one thing in common that this year we’ll get Diamond and Pearl remakes. These remakes will be set in the mega evolution universe just like Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby took place in the Mega evolution timeline.

We will also be getting mega evolutions for all the three starters. And many other that missed out in the 6th gen most notably Flygon.

We might be getting the confirmation soon till the  just remember all of these are leaks and yes most of the time they ens up true but there is a chance they may be fake.