America’s gay marriage legalization saw another fine moment as make-up artist Barry Bishop seized the opportunity to pop the question during the panel discussion of the popular webisode at Comic Con.  

con man1

There’s plenty of things that one expects to come across when they head out to Comic Con – the world’s largest comic book convention. From bumping into masquerading Hollywood stars to witnessing exclusive trailers of the most highly anticipated movies and TV shows of the year, the San Diego Comic Con is a mixed bag of surprises. One such remarkable incident occurred on Day 1 of the convention during the Con Man panel discussion.



Barry Bishop, one of the make-up artists on the show, decided to bring his boyfriend up on stage with him and took the mic and said, “They were asking the cast a minute ago who was the most amazing person in Hollywood you’ve worked with” he said as he held his partner’s hand, “and I just want to say Billy Brooks I love you baby with all my heart and soul and will you please marry me?”  Watch it below:

There are no words… from Billy Brooks on Vimeo.

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