Ricardo Villalobos has been trashed on the internet since the DJ failed at DJ-ing at Cocoon In The Park festival.

Sometimes, artist deliver poor performances at festivals and concerts, maybe their having an off day, but that doesn’t matter to the person who pays a bomb to go see them. Ricardo Villalobo delivered a copiously poor set, only he did by neglecting to DJ and make drinks mid-set, garnering him more hate on the internet.

It is said that Villalobos would simply cue in the next track and turn his back on the hundreds, maybe thousands of people in front of him, there solely for his music, and continue his backstage shenanigans (which include making drinks).


(Image Via: YourEDM)

This stunt lost the DJ a huge amount of respect worldwide. If you’re a DJ, and you’re reading this, then now you know what not to do. Watch the video below to virtually witness the horror.