As the world got together to celebrate World Yoga Day just a few weeks back, The Sherp is here to give you a lowdown on the best yoga festivals in the world that you need to check out!

Yoga gets constantly upvoted as the best wellness exercise there is. It is proven to be physically, emotionally and mentally stimulating, and has garnered followers from all over the world proving to be India’s biggest and best export. And for an activity that commands so much respect, it’s only fair to have a dedicated number of festivals that offer its services.

Today we list out the best festivals in the world that will render the yogi in you good service! You know where to head the next time for some much needed meditative avalanche.

1. Lightning in a Bottle
Where: Bradley, CA

Lightning in a Bottle is one of the premier wellness festivals in the world which offers a wholesome experience in an individual’s creative pursuit. Not only does the festival have an incredible musical and art line-up but its list of yoga influencers and teachers is growing by the year. The festival is most famous for its Temple of Consciousness, a visceral space with meditative activities, where artists speak and perform to a host of spiritual ideas, and where dance and music is used sacrosanct with the healing process.

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(Image source: Lightning in a Bottle Facebook)

2. Sonic Bloom
Where: Spanish Peaks, Colorado

The fact that Sonic Bloom is held in the beautiful expanse of the Hummingbird Ranch in Spanish Peaks Colorado, is half the job done for the all the attendees wishing upon them a truly transformative experience. Like Lightning in a Bottle, Sonic Bloom too has a dedicated yoga space along with its music and art offerings, with influential yoga practitioners from around the world coming in to take workshops and offer lesson in the art.


11535833_10152975092962253_6539606051613471614_n(Image source: Sonic Bloom Facebook)

3. Bali Spirit
Where: Bali, Indonesia

Yoga is known to be one of most heightened human practices. Amalgamating the spiritual energy of yoga with the naturally healing processes of music and dance is the Bali Spirit Festival that takes place at the end of March for a good week. Experience the palette of world music as it comes together in a mentally rejuvenating process.

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(Image source: Bali Spirit Festival Facebook)

4. Wanderlust Festivals
Where: Multiple Locations

Hike up the hills in the morning, or unwind with some great yoga activities. Hop onto some guided adventure trail, or tune in to some local, sustainable food. Do all this while you also enjoy some great live music on display. The Wanderlust Festivals occasionally set up an event at any of their various locations offering retreat from the usual city life with yoga centred activities coupled with music. And if you cannot afford a getaway, then they have city based yoga retreats in Chicago and New York.

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(Image source: Wanderlust Facebook)

5. Envision Festival
Where: Costa Rica

Envision Festival is an event deeply invested in community and social spirit, as it brings people together in a whirlwind of activities surrounding yoga, music and dance, to elevate the mind-body connection. On the pacific coast of Costa Rica, Envision Festival is a stripped down gathering of wellness enthusiasts, as it has the reputation of bringing down world famous yoga teachers from around the world.

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(Image source: Envision Festival Facebook)

6. International Yoga Festival
Where: Rishikesh, India

Since Yoga is an Indian practice to have gained recognition the world over, it’s only fair that Indians would know a fair bit about organising a Yoga Festival. The International Yoga Festival happens along the banks of the river Ganges in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, under the tutelage of expert Indian Yoga teachers. People from all over the world come to engage in traditional yoga practises coupled with kirtans and spiritual activities.

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(Image source: International Yoga Festival Facebook)

7. Bhakti Fest
Where: Joshua Tree, California

Bhakti Fest in California is a true spiritual gathering of genial people who the path of yoga, a wellness regime and kirtans to heal their mind, body and soul. It amalgamates ancient and modern practices to create a truly cohesive practice, so people may connect with one and other via devotional anthems and the general vibe that seeks to promote all-round wellness.

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(Image source: Mitchell Manz | Bhakti Fest Facebook)

8. Telluride Yoga Festival
Where: Telluride, Colorado

Telluride Yoga Festival promises to be an intimate gathering while it offers a range of activities, like yoga, meditation, music, hiking, dining, social gatherings and more. Taking place in the breathtaking Telluride and Mountain Village, it sees the presence of world renowned teachers and practitioners who take classes and workshops offering a rich experience.

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(Image source: Telluride Festival Facebook)

9. The Groove Yoga Festival
Where: Multiple Locations

The Groove Yoga Festival is a travelling gathering of yoga workshops that takes place in Ontaro, Canada, Goa, India, Berlin, Germany and Croatia. The principle idea of The Groove Yoga Festival is sustaining and celebrating the community spirit, and studying the effect of the same on the wellness of the individual’s spirit. It achieves this with various special activities around yoga and meditation.

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(Image source: The Groove Yoga Festival Facebook)

10. Sat Nam Festival
Where: Pennsylvania and Joshua Tree

This four day festival is entirely dedicated to the Kundalini branch of Yoga, with dedicated lessons, classes and workshops centred around the practice, while also involving music and spiritual kirtans. Along with multiple yoga workshops and discussions along the day, it also promotes healthy eating and devotional chanting.


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(Image source: Sat Nam Festival Facebook)