San Diego Comic Con 2015 was pretty much the epitome of exciting, filled with (as we expected) sneak peaks, trailer drops, gnarly cosplaying and hilarious panel discussions.


1. The Game Of Thrones panel discussion was hilarious, thanks to Seth Meyers

Even though fans didn’t get all their Season 6 queries answered in a way they’d like, the panel discussion was as enlightening as ever. The cast discussed their favourite moments and evolutions of their characters, which was quite evident in the past season. Some easter eggs were also revealed like : In the light of Sansa and Ramsay’s wedding (and a way of rubbing more salt to the wound), we found out from Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) that Theon wore the same outfit Robb Stark wore to The Red Wedding. OUCH

Also, David Nutter (director of Season 5 episode 9 and 10) met with President Obama, who asked him if he really killed of Jon Snow, to which Nutter replied, “He’s deader than dead”.


2. The Game of Thrones audition reel

San Diego’s comic book extravaganza had some really special moments. The Game Of Thrones – one of the most successful original series of all time, had its own panel and halfway through their showcase, clips of the auditions of some of the show’s star names were played. Watch the fun unfold:


3. The Batman Vs Superman : Dawn Of Justice Trailer WON the conference

The trailer features teasing snippets of all the integral characters in the movie, from Lex Luthor to Wonder Woman and of course, epic showdowns between Batman and Superman themselves.

The trailer ends with the ever evil and enterprising Lex luthor saying, “The red capes are coming” which makes you want to squeal in anticipation.


4. Harry Potter and Arya Stark hung our, you know, like casually. Took selfies too.



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5. A short Suicide Squad panel left the fans wanting more…until DC dropped an exclusive trailer!

Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad avatar has been highly criticized since the first poster of the 30 Seconds To Mars star released a few months ago. It will be difficult for Leto to surpass the legendary Joker impersonation that Heath Ledger immortalized in the Dark Knight, but judging by this leaked trailer, we’ve surely got something exciting waiting for us.


6. Marvel had some game too, especially with the new Deadpool panel and trailer

Ryan Reynolds, the sexy and incredibly funny star who plays Deadpool in the upcoming film showed up during the Fox panel on Saturday and gave Comic Con a glimpse into the hilarious and witty world of the anti-hero Deadpool, which will be the first R-Rated superhero film ever. The panel was equal parts hilarious and witty as well with T.J Miller very eloquently saying to the audience, “Most of you have seen two horses f*ck before you’ve kissed your first girl.”

The trailer has been lost to the inter-webs, but watch the panel discussion instead!


7.  A surprise sympony concert for Star Wars fans + Harrison Ford + new footage

The Star Wars panel was the longest and the most anticipated, with Harrison Ford making a guest appearance, even!

But JJ Abrams took it up a notch by taking all those Comic Con Wookies and Obi wans (all 6,000 of them) to the nearby marina where a surprise symphony concert was held, as a tribute to John Williams arrangements for the franchise! Things got really emotional with all the lightsaber waving. </3

star wars lightsaber


8. This exclusive Walking Dead Season 6 trailer was released in all it’s gory glory. 



9. New Doctor Who for everyone!

And an exclusive Comic Con trailer for season 9, of course!


10. A Sherlock special and season 4 was confirmed!

And this time, Sherlock, Watson and the gang will be taken back to the Victorian era.


11. Misha Collins from ‘Supernatural’ gave out free pizza, no jokes!

Angel from Supernatural was a feeling a bit generous and bad for the long lines outside Hall H, so he hopped onto a pedicab with 1000 boxes of pizza and rode it down the huge queue, handing the pizza out as he went.

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12. Hannibal’s new Red Dragon trailer was as awesome as it was terrifying!      


13. The cast of Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D had a field day with their DubSmash LIP SYNC BATTLES!   

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A video posted by Chloe Bennet (@chloebennet4) on



14. Deadmau5’s undercover attendance

As expected, he went as himself.

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