According to reports, the Mayor of Indio  is in talks with Goldenvoice for a fall festival which is “imminent.”

Coachella is arguably one of the most recognizable festivals in the world, consistently featuring top of the line acts and unexpected reunions (Read More HERE). Tickets get sold out so quickly that it led to Coachella introducing a two weekend format in 2012 which still wasn’t enough. In fact, Coachella was recently named the highest grossing festival in the world by Forbes (Read More HERE). Its sister festival Stagecoach isn’t doing so bad either, holding the position of the highest-grossing festival centered on country music in the world.


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With music festivals raking in the big bucks for the city of Indio, city authorities were more than happy to sign an agreement with Goldenvoice (the producers of Coachella) allowing them to host both weekends of Coachella and Stagecoach through 2030. The contract also allows Goldenvoice to expand from 3 to 5 events in a year. Another festival would bring Indio an additional $1.4 million in revenue and also solidify its reputation as the “City of Festivals,” said Mayor Glen Miller. Miller has reportedly made “significant progress” in talks with the organizers for a fall Coachella festival and believes the new festival to be “imminent.”

Coachella could host a fall edition or even come up with an entirely new festival. Either way, this is exciting news. What do you think about this development? Let us know!