The Sherp brings you a list of the world’s booziest festivals. Take a look! 

If you enjoy alcohol that’s a dream for your tastebuds, and an environment that only makes the experience better, then we’ve got you covered. From authentic wine festivals to hearty beer celebrations, we’ve compiled a list of festivals perfect for someone who loves alcohol in all its drunken glory. Take a look at these remarkable festivals that promise to get you drunk.



1. Sula Fest

When: February 6 to 7, 2016
Where: Nasik, India

Come february, India’s favourite gourmet music festival will be back. Sulafest is an event that warrants weekend off from by taking a little joyride to Nashik – for good music, good wine in the company of your favourite people. Last year the festival really upped its ante as it saw nearly 10,000 festival-goers at the Sula amphitheatre. Apart from the music, the fun activities unique to the festival like wine tasting and grape stomping have been its USP. Even though over the years, the festival has become more about the music, it does not take away from the great wine tasting activities and vineyard tours you can take part in. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of good wine, SulaFest is a pitstop you just have to make.


(Source: Jeethendra Saran/Festival Sherpa)


2. National Grape Harvest Festival

When: February 28 – March 8
Where: Argentina

One wouldn’t peg harvesting grapes as a popular social event, but that’s exactly what Mendoza’s grape harvest festival is. Every year, this festival brings together everyone from the field workers to the wine vineyard owners and the rest of the wine-loving world. Some exquisite wine, delicious food, and a hearty contest for the title of the ‘Harvest Queen’ make for a truly unique experience. This festival attracts just over 200,000 onlookers, including locals and tourists. If you’re not one for organized celebrations, then you can check out some of the more unofficial facets of the festival, that are just as fun, like the Gay National Harvest Queen, the Crush of Grapes Night, the Electro-Dance Harvest Night, among others.

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3. The Jura Tastival

When: May TBA
Where: Isle of Jura, Scotland

Amidst the bevy of wine and beer festivals resides this absolutely delectable celebration of whiskey. In the beautiful Isle of Jura, this festival is one of the benchmark alcohol festivals in Scotland, drawing thousands of revellers every year. Known for the interactive, multi-sensory experience the festivla offers, it celebrates and cultivates the age old drink and it’s assiduous lovers. You can head to Jura Whiskey’s website to find out more about the up and coming edition of the Tastival. Come prepared with a hangover cure, because there is no way you’re leaving this festival sober.




4. Haro Wine Festival

When: June TBA
Where: Haro, Spain

Every year on the 29th of June, thousands of locals and a handful of lucky tourists climb a mountain in La Rioja, Spain, and throw wine on each other. (Yes, THROW!) The days starts with a procession early in the morning, followed by a mass on a chapel in the mountain. After the mass, all hell breaks loose with everyone spraying, splashing, and showering each other with wine. The party won’t stop till 5 AM the next day and by then everyone is a drenched violet mess.

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5. Bordeaux Wine Festival

When: June 23-26, 2016
Where: Bordeaux, France

Nothing can surpass the sheer eleganc of French wine. Bordeaux Wine Festival promises its attendees a world of extravagance and a delicious adventure for your taste buds. Complimenting the delectable wine and the 18th Century buildings surrounding the beautiful venue of the festival, are numerous musical performances and concerts, fireworks, food, and much more. A trip to France with a promise of sensational wine sounds like paradise, folks. Head here to know more about the festival.




6. Tales of the Cocktail

When: July 19-24, 2016
Where: New Orleans

The Taste of Cocktail is the place to be for all the cocktail Nazis out there. If you are critical about your liqeur and prefer the fancier side of life, this elegent cocktail festival is the place for you. With countless bars, mixology workshops, and masterclasses, there are incredible layers of alcoholic depth to this fieta. It’s a serious industry party with folks who really know spirits and how to enjoy them. If you find yourseld part of the crowd that like your festivals the way you like you wine – classy and expensive, but nonetheless brillaint – then we suggest you make your way to New Orleans this July.

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7. Oktoberfest

When: October
Where: Munich, Germany

As far as cultural festivals go, Oktoberfest is a beer vacation that runs for 16 consecutive days, starting from late September till early October. What started off as a 4000 people wedding celebration in the 1800s, has turned into one of the biggest celebrations in Europe. Currently, an average of six million from all around the world flock to Munich to attend this festival with around seven million litres of Oktoberfest beer consumed. This year will be Munich’s 182st Oktoberfest, where millions of people will gather to drink and be merry!


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