Wrapped around a dreamlike story; exploring niches and corners of the subconscious mind; Dualist Inquiry’s latest music video is definitely worth watching!

If you’re heavily into the EDM scene; then you already know who Sahej Bakshi is. Known professionally as Dualist Inquiry, this 29-year-old EDM artist is a main feature at some of India’s biggest music festivals across the country and is even one of the Indian faces for international clothing brand Levi Strauss.

With a newly found fascination in the visual medium, Dualist Inquiry has taken a trip into the subconscious mind with his latest music video from his album ‘Dreamcatcher’. Directed by Misha Ghose, the music video of the song ‘Violet’ explores the mysterious, complex and unique aspects of the mind with a deep focus on those inconclusive, strange and confusing images that linger with you long after you awake from a strange yet compelling dream.

Set around a seemingly bizarre sequence, the mystifying use of masks and the strange occurrence of random objects collectively represent images and tones that Sahej himself has experienced on a subconscious level.

If you haven’t seen it already, get ready to immerse yourself in an inexplicable and intense experience. Check out the video now!