The playa was studded with stars this month. See all the wacky pictures of celebrities at the Black Rock City festival below. 

Burning Man is a class in itself, an idiosyncratic counterculture celebration of art and an obscure sense of Utopia that’s embraced by hipsters and avant-garde enthusiasts alike. So it’s hardly surprising that so many recognizable names would be at the festival. From Katy Perry’s segway fail to Cara Delevingne’s bike ride to Burning Man, a lot of big faces and names were spotted at the Nevada festival this year. Check out the list below!


1. Ronaldo’s Mad Max Garb 


Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, the living, breathing football legacy decided to grace the desert at Burning Man. This picture of him on a segway, looking very Mad Max-like surfaced on twitter and consequently everywhere else. Read more about it here!


2. Katy Perry’s Segway Shenanigans

??obvious first time burner alert??

A video posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

This video proves that the popstar is clearly a BM noob. Uploaded on her Instagram, Katy can be seen in the video all covered up in a beige fur coat, a tiny black backpack, goggles and a handkerchief over her mouth. She only just gets the hang of riding her Segway, grooving to the music, when it slips away from her and she has to run chasing it into the sunset. Read more here.


3. Cara Delevingne Being Here Crazy Self

The eccentric Paper Towns star and model was just chilling, clicking selfies with fans and being her wacky self on the playa. Her edgy tomboy look is fiercely cool, though. Never change, Cara.


4. Susan Sarandon’s LSD Parade


The Academy Award winning actress and all round crusader for liberal rights, led a procession with Timothy Leary’s ashes to the Temple of Confessions, that was later burned down along with the ashes, at Burning Man, with many of Leary’s supporters joining her for the great LSD guru’s reverence parade. It was a moment that will go on to be one of the more iconic Burning Man memories. Read more here!


5. Derek Blasberg With Karlie Kloss

The fashion writer uploaded images of him and Taylor Swift’s bff/model Karlie Kloss on his Instagram. The two were apparently ‘wigging out’ according to his caption for an image of Karlie in a super funky wig. Looks like the two are pretty tight.


6. Sister Delevingne And Diddy Being Kind-Of Adorable

Screenshot (12)

Cara’s sister, Poppy Delevingne and the rap star P. Diddy have been together for a while now, though this picture may convince you otherwise. The couple has apparently maintained their chemistry. This picture blends well with Burning Man’s idea of all-inclusive, hold-no-bars love.


7. Jared Leto Capturing The Burn

Mind On Fire #burningman #MarsIsComing

A video posted by JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on

The incredibly talented actor and Suicide Squad‘s much awaited Joker uploaded a video of the burn at BM on his Instagram. What else the enigmatic actor did there, we have no clue. But his caption says, “Mind On Fire”, make of that what you will.


8. Suki Waterhouse Looking Quite Homeless

The English actress/model and endearingly peculiar human being was at Burning Man too, camouflaged under her baggy clothes, messy hair and unattractive sandwich-eating skills (although, there’s no way to look attractive while munching on a sandwich, so we’ll give her that).


9. When Skrillex returned to The Playa, sporting a bandana that instantly went viral!

Who would’ve thunk that there would be more of a buzz for the bandana that Skrillex sported that the man himself?
10. And since the Jack Ü team has been joined at the hip all along, Diplo too bounced along in his raw smugness. 

Commercial electronic superstar, Diplo, got into the Burning Man spirit by baring his torso, throughout. Not that anyone complained.


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