Let’s stop talking about how creative Burning Man can be and let’s discuss how outrageous it can become. This year’s edition, too, had its fair share of bizarre moments

The no-holds-barred idea of expression at Burning Man works very well for the festival with the abundance of creativity on display; except the free-for-all idea leads to some fairly outrageous moments. While some are ridiculously cool, the others, let’s just say – they speak for themselves. The Sherp rounds up the coolest of the lot.

1. Let’s talk art. The art installations at Burning Man bear a symbolic idea, are grand in nature, and are also pretty underground compared to most mainstream art doing the rounds. 

Like this family of skeletons enjoying a quiet time in the sun. Obviously. 

Bexx 2(source: Bexx Brown-Spinelli Flickr)

2. Or this notoriously cool installation of a grand-size typewriter, onto which literary enthusiasts can step up for live poetry reading –

Cory Doctorow Flickr(Source: Cory Doctorow Flickr)

3. This creepy doll house on the other hand, does it signify beauty in death, or..? 

Bexx 3(Source: Bexx Brown-Spinelli Flickr)

4. Because if that isn’t outrageous enough, you can always hitch a ride on this giant dog-carriage –

Jim(Source: Jim Urquhart | Reuters)

5. And if dance isn’t part of your outrageous art installation, then what is? 

Thomas Hawk Flickr(Source: Thomas Hawk Flickr)

6. The Live, Love, Dream Word Installations at Burning Man were supposed to signify the festival’s inner mantra! Except, they were constantly surrounded by outrageous posers!

Bexx 4 (Source: Bexx Brown-Spinelli Flickr)

Bexx(Source: Bexx Brown-Spinelli Flickr)

7. But you’re at least not this guy – a headless baby art installation

Bexx Brown-Spinelli Flickr(Source: Bexx Brown-Spinelli Flickr)

8. But if you were to prefer something closer to ground, then we’re happy to tell you that there was no dearth of outrageous outfits, either. 

Like this lady with these futuristic cups, or something. 

Hector(Source: Hector Mata | Getty)

9. Or this man with an icecream allowed to drip all over his face. Just eat it, good lord!

Oh wait, they are lit candles. Ouch!

Hector 2(Source: Hector Mata | Getty Images)

10. But is he anywhere as cool as this giant human insect? These questions must be asked –

Jim 5(Source: Jim Urquhart | Reuters)

11 But does the height matter in front of outrageous puns? Like these in-bred cats. Getit?

Aly 3
(Source: Aly Weisman | Business Insider)

12. The number of weird costume groups were way too high! Like this group of trippy dinosaur, hippie bride and random Burners chilling together – 

Jim 2(Source: Jim Urquhart | Reuters)

13. While some costume wearers decided to height-up and face-up in the weirdest manner possible!

14. While some either decked up in mirror-wear, or bared their butt tattoos!

15. But is that any comparison for a temple decorated with a bunch of teddy bear sleeping in communal harmony. No, seriously, what is this thing? 

Vlad B.(Source: Vlad B. Flickr)

16. But nothing, almost nothing beats a bunch of naked people lying on their backs on bare sand. 

Wait, did we spot a hard on?

Hector Mata Getty(Source: Hector Mata | Getty Images)

Can’t see it? Allow us to help you

Hector Mata Getty

17. But if that wasn’t weird enough, there was a public fleshlight at Burning Man. Yes, you can barf now!

Cory Doctorow boingboing nry(Source: Cory Doctorow | boingboing.net)

18. And if you’re done barfing, prepare to be creeped out by this random smurf-camera installation –

Cory(Source: Cory Doctorow Flickr)

19. It’s okay, Burning Man, outrageous costumes, or outrageous art …

Aly 4(Source: Aly Weisman | Business insider)

Jim 8(Source: Jim Urquhart | Reuters)


Jim 3(Source: Jim Urquhart | Reuters)