Lil Nas X was brushed off as a one-hit-wonder by many in the hip-hop community after his song old-time road blew up. The song is getting associated with memes and what happens to memes? Thye die! But somehow Lil Nas X managed to finesse his way through the one-hit-wonder curse of the industry and came forth as a big name in the hip hop music space.

Lil Nas X and his brilliant marketting strategy

Lil Nas X is openly a homosexual, and when the news broke out, the internet flooded. He knew what kind of response he’ll be getting when he comes out, and he got it. This was accompanied by good music and fans just loved it. And his new album Montero is on the way!

But that wasn’t enough for him as he wanted to solidify himself as a permanent figure, so rather than creating mixtapes and going the traditional route, he created a massive controversy, twice! His polarising music videos surely pissed off many people. Yes, the video contained too much sexually explicit content, but no one can point a finger at him.

Because if they do, they’ll be labeled a homophobe, and Lil Nas X gets even more publicity. This was a brilliant publicity stunt that he pulled off and his songs are doing great as well. So he just might outsell Drake or Kanye West and bag the highest album sales this year with his album Montero.

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