Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 ‘The Hunt’ has now been updated in the game. The CODM developers are adding more exciting modes & features with each update. The new CODM season 10 comes with many updates, and the most popular update is its ‘Headquarters Mode.’

Headquarters mode is a bit similar to Domination mode, but there is an absolute difference between them. In Headquarters mode, one team has to stop the respawn of the controlling team. In Headquarters mode, the Headquarters can be captured by only one team, and the opposite team has to destroy the Headquarters.

Players have to first capture the Headquarters, then they have to stay there to get more points, and when the next ‘Headquarters’ location comes, they have to capture that as fast as they can.

After Search & Destroy mode, the new Headquarters mode is also tricky than the other modes. The new mode will require some more tactical strategies & skills. In this article, you are going to find some new & raw strategy for better gameplay. You can choose the strategy which suits best for you.

Here are the top 5 tips to ace the new Headquarters mode:

Tips for Conquering & Protecting The Headquarters

Capture The Headquarters :

Your priority in the Headquarters mode is to capture the point as fast as you can. The team that gets to the Headquarters first has the chances of getting more points than the opposition. There is no option in this mode to capture the consulted Headquarters once again like it is in Domination. It will only take 5 to 10 seconds to take the Headquarters. After it, the next Headquarters will arrive, so it will be best if 2 of your teammates stay in the Headquarters and the other 3 finds & kill the opposite team. With this strategy, you will have more chances of conquering the next Headquarters location.

Protect The Headquarters :

While you are defending the Headquarters, you also have to protect it. Now, remember that all the team members should not stick in the same position your teammates have to spread out so that you all don’t get lasered by one enemy. The right loadouts also play a significant role in the Headquarters mode. Once you conquer the Headquarters, you can cover the entrances with Grenades, Molotov cocktails, trip mine, cryo-grenade, and thermite to kill the up-coming enemies. The Flak Perk will be the best for Headquarters mode. It will protect you from the enemy’s grenades. With this strategy, chances are that your Headquarters will be safeguarded by enemies.

NOTE: Make sure to choose 2 loadouts for different strategies. One loadout if you capture the Headquarters and second one if you protect the Headquarters.

Tips for Destroying The Headquarters

Confusing & Destroying Strategy:

Now let’s talk about destroying the Headquarters. Suppose if your teammates are noobs and there is no chance to conquer the Headquarters, how will you beat the opposite team? For destroying and killing the enemies, the right attacking strategy is a must. A good loadout will ripe off the enemies Headquarters.

Shot-guns & other mid-range weapons will be the best for you in this attacking strategy. Now suppose the opposition has the Headquarters & they have the aim on your teammates, then what you have to do is throw the smoke grenade & then all your teammate have to throw the grenades, trip mines, molotov cocktails, etc. With the help of smoke, grenade enemies will get confused & they will have no chance to see you throwing grenades.

Team Coordination:

Now you have the proper strategy, you have to know how your teammates have to coordinate. While attacking, it will be great if one of your team chooses to be a sniper. The sniper will select a safe position and will give you cover. The other two players will confuse the enemies by throwing the smoke & grenades. The last two of the player will try to attack the enemies directly inside the Headquarters. With this proper coordination and position of the team, you will have the chance to destroy enemies Headquarters.

Weapons, Perks, Grenades & Operator Skills:

This is the list of highly recommended loadout for Headquarters mode gameplay.

Weapons: Type 25, By-15, DR-H, Locus.

Perks: Hard Wired, Ghost, Flask, Alert, Dead silence.

Grenades: Trip mines, Smoke grenades, Sticky grenades, Trophy System, Frag Grenade.

Operator Skills: Purifier, War machine, Tempest, Transformer Shield.

The new season 10 has come with many things like a new map ‘Terminal.’ The update also has new soldier skins: Mara – Valkyrie, Outrider – Amazonas, Makarov – Splinter, Mace – Tombstone. A new battle royal class, ‘Hacker,’ has been introduced in the game, but it is now available.

Event list of Season 10:

10/9 – 24/9 – Headquarters Mode (MP)

10/9 – 27/9 – Terminal 24/7 Playlist (MP)

10/9 – 17/9 – Boarding Pass Event (MP) – Play the new MP map Terminal, complete tasks, and acquire a variety of rewards

10/9 – 17/9 – Carpe Diem Event (MP) – Complete a variety of Headquarters related tasks and grab Spec Ops 4 – Freight Train, new weapon camos, and more

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