One of your strongest ways to recall emotion is through taste, and at festivals, the food provides that powerful recall. A form of street food brought to the masses, food now lays claim to entire festivals of its own, as outlined by Time Out and their feature on the Queer Eye-sponsored USA Today foodie heaven. Just as watching replays of iconic concerts and putting up decorations can help you to relive a festival, so can creating your own versions of the food. Today, it’s easier than ever.

Itching the unique scratch

One of the main benefits of festival foods is the diversity on offer. You can experience everything from simple tacos through to, as Insider have found, garlic and pistachio flavored ice-creams. The problem with creating these delights in the home is that you often simply don’t have access to the ingredients. This is changing with the advent of food delivery and subscription boxes, which can offer a wider range of ingredients and, as a result, more unique foods. The benefits here are twofold: firstly, you can get fresh produce wherever you are in the world. Secondly, you can discover new and interesting recipes to spruce up your home festival experience.

Bring authenticity

Food trucks at festivals are often locally-owned affairs that will travel thousands of miles to find you, the consumers. Whether through a love of carnival atmospheres or from a desire to find their big break, they come from far and wide to provide their foods. As a result, authenticity is key in replication. Consider bringing in online help from people who are familiar with the culture of that food, and make sure you use the exact ingredients to give yourself that atmospheric feel.

The party

It’s undeniable that some of the food tastes better because of your mental state at a festival. Whether you’re merry because of drinks or simply because you’ve had an incredible time listening to music, food tastes better when you’re happy. Make sure you’re eating your creations in the best possible frame of mind. You could create stalls yourself at home for you and your party, and have recordings on from your favorite live performances. Relive the festival in your head, and the food will be there to match.

Therein lies the beauty of festival food. Unique and varied in terms of source culture, it also provides comfort and familiarity of the events you love the most. Use all the resources out there to recreate it honestly, and reap the benefits.