The people behind Burning Man have just purchased a 3,800 acre chunk of land near the Nevada town of Gerlach.

Burning Man thorough the years has been known for its USP that once the festival concludes, they clean up entirely and leave no trace of any festival ever being held on the desert grounds. But with this recent purchase, it just seems like the Burning Man organisation is looking at setting up a permanent shop.


The huge area of land is owned by local landowner and celebrity Giovanni “Bruno” Selmi, who owns the town’s diner, motel, and Nevada’s very own gambling hall. The organization had been eyeing the stunning, hot springs-filled 3,800-acre property about 21 miles north of Gerlach for 20 years. Although the land is mostly owned and used for residential purposes reports suggest that Burning Man might have a few plans up its sleeve.

Only time will tell what the land purchase is all about!