Nina Kraviz who is known for throwing the most off-beat underground raves threw a killer one in Iceland last month! 

The parties hosted by Nina’s label Trip, started back in 2014 with the first edition in a cave. The parties are a delight for anyone who is heavily into the rave scene. The main aim being, take the revelers to an extremely remote location where you can dance from dusk till dawn. What more could you ask for! Nikita Zabelin, Exos, Bjarki, Skeng, K-Hand and Nina Kraviz took turns on the deck inside the empty cave to treat the guests to some hardcore underground music.



The crew also explained the logic behind the setting and motive for these gigs. “All the Трип crew are of a mind that it’s important to give people the space to enjoy music in an environment that allows for an open reception to and perspective of the music. The little details are important to us – keeping the ticket prices low and therefore inclusive, no line-ups, surprising our guests with free food and drinks, using locations that no one else has before us. Knowing that we have it all in hand, allows people to fully immerse in the experience and enjoy the music, without a care in the world, and this produces an electric unfathomable energy.”

Iceland has been the preferred location choice for Nina because of the common thread that ties the whole scene together. Bjarki, Exos, Biogen are all Icelandic artists. Iceland is their home and they all have a very unique sound. Nina Kraviz has also wanted to go to Iceland since she was a kid.

To many more epic cave parties!