The time to party is now!

It’s that time of the year when you’re planning a break from the constant monotony of life, and what better way to break that dry spell than by attending Vh1 Supersonic!

The festival is bringing in a lot of new and exciting elements this year, including a whole new theme and a multi-genre line-up. 10th to 12th February will be packed with performances by Eric Prydz, Zedd, Macklemore, Grandmaster Flash, Curbi, Ash Roy, Arjun Vagale, Boris Brejcha, Pearl, Thomas Gold, Zaeden, Lost Stories, Tuhin Mehta, BLOT!, NEW_ID, DJ Marky and many more! The festival will have a ton of immersive experiences than ever before, with gaming zones, a flea market and many other activities to keep you occupied in your free time.

We have created the best possible budget for the trip right before any exam time (students rejoice!) or any other major event. So, if you haven’t booked for the festival yet, read on:

1. Festival Tickets

All the smart ones have already purchased their flash sale tickets at just INR 1,500! The rest still have a chance to get the passes for all three days at INR 4,219 + taxes, which is a pretty good price too considering Eric Prydz and Macklemore will be making their debut in India at the festival. VIP tickets for all three days are available at INR 6,469 + taxes, if you feel like splurging a little. Take a look at the complete ticket pricing and get them here.

2. The Travel

Practically, the whole population of Mumbai knows that the best way to get to Pune is by bus for an affordable rate of around INR 500. People attending the festival from other cities in India will have to fly in to Pune at different prices, depending on the distance being covered. Skyscanner has the best prices for airfare to Pune and you need to check their page for tickets ASAP. We have a few for Delhi and Bengaluru below:



3. The Pune Stay

Supersonic has teamed up with Cleartrip Local for an incredible package that includes a discount on the tickets as well as a Hotel Gift Card, all combined at affordable prices ranging from INR 4,500 to INR 8,000 per person. The Hotel Cards are worth INR 1,000 to INR 3,000, which are redeemable at any hotel affiliated with Cleartrip. The average cost for a single room with two people is around INR 3,500 per night and, with those cards in hand, the stay for a single person would be at a really good price. Click here to know more.

4. Getting To The Venue

Travel is a pain and we can all agree to that. This is exactly why Supersonic have a special tie-up with Uber, the online transportation network company, for special offers that will ensure festival-goers are not left stranded. There will be flat fares for three different radiuses around the venue. Additionally, Uber will install breath analysers at the venue, which will help people check if they are capable of driving back home or should let someone else do the driving. They will also install a kiosk called ‘RiderDost’ that will assist people in getting an Uber ride back home, incase mobile network becomes a problem. So, keep your Paytm account well stacked for a comfortable ride to and from the venue.

5. The Food And Beverages

It’s Vh1 Supersonic, so expect the food to be super-sized as hell. The flea market has been curated to spoil you with the choicest meals and beverages. You’re bound to find a number of stalls with the best festival food imaginable and drinks will be flowing after all that dancing. You need to at least carry around INR 1,000 per day to get the full gastronomic experience. Don’t forget to bring along a valid ID proof for your drinking permit, because it’s going to be strict.

6. The Grand Total

We’ve got our calculators ready and the final estimate for a single individual for the entire duration of the festival (incase you haven’t booked anything yet) will be approximately INR 4,300 (tickets) + INR 8,000 (return flight) + INR 4,000 (stay with Gift Card) + INR 600 (Uber travel) + INR 3,000 (food and beverages) = INR 19,900. 

See you there folks! And, a friendly reminder to book your tickets ASAP.