1. Movies Under The Trees

Enjoy movies amidst the trees and under the stars at The Lil Flea. Our movie screenings are going to be a memorable affair with some classics and crowd favorite movies being played as we create the perfect ambiance for you to snuggle up for a fun movie night! Movies include Bohemian Rhapsody, Her, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Inglorious Bastards, The Royal Tenenbaums, A cat in Paris. That’s not all, you can watch some award-winning short films in a dedicated Shamiana which will screen these all day long and if you are a kid or a kid at heart, there is a very special movie screening set up for the kids as well.

2. Go a Lil Green With One Lil Tree

Have a green thumb, or love those greens or just want to do your bit for improving the air, then come indulge in some amazing green workshops and activities at the One Lil Tree. Learn some pottery, Paint a pot, Adopt a plant, Learn Kitchen Gardening or composting, Microgreens making, or just take the free seeds and plant them at your kitchen window.

3. Book Exchange 2.0

Everyone loves The Lil Book Exchange where you can leave a book you have read and take another book without any exchange of money. Now in this edition, the book exchange is getting a massive upgrade with a hanging zine library where you can literally pluck a book off a tree. If you’re a poetry lover, listen to some lazy stories under the tree or get inspired by the sister library specialing in some spectacular feminist writing. 

4. Carnival games, Board games & VR Games

What’s a fun festival without some good indulgent carnival games? In this edition go test your silly skills in a huge variety of carnival games, or chill with your friends over some board games like Catan or Sequence. If you want a bit more, then go try your hand at the Virtual Reality games like Cricket or 4D painting or Planet Mars and then, of course, the usual but amazing stuff.

5. Shop, shop more and then some more!

With a choice of over 250 of the country’s finest homegrown pop-up shops, let the shopaholic in you go wild over the weekend. Over a hundred brands are coming from out of Mumbai and with every brand unique in their own way, you are sure to discover some new favourites for life. Our recommendation: Mama India, Bhavya Ramesh jewelry, The Sufi Studio, Objectry, Cai Store, Suta, Rejuvenate Jewels, Coral Haze, Aroka, Bias, Dvaa and The Yellow Bow.

6. A Festival Bar

To add to the happy vibes, The Lil Flea in this edition has two festival bars with 6 amazing micro-breweries like White Owl, Brewbot, Effingut, Eight Fingers Eddy PLUS a dedicated Gin and Tonic Bar, Whiskey Bar, Vodka Bar, and Wine & Sangrias Bar. No need to look anywhere else to spend your weekends!

7. Indulge your taste buds and Sweet Tooth:

If your life mantra is: see food eat food if trying new cuisine is your forte and if you are always hungry, then The Lil Flea has gathered about 60 food chefs preparing everything from savories to sweets, just for you. Dessert and food lovers, look out for these brands to munch on Fat Lulu’s, Bombay Naan House, Meso, Pink Truck, Acai Tribe.

8. Groove To Great Music:

Sing and swoon to some indie, and original music by the best artists from across the country. The music this time ranges from folk to regional while being soulful & groovy. Here are some bands to watch out for: Indian Ocean, Fiddler, The Fanculos, Filter Coffee, Clayton & Friends.

Where – Gallops, Mahalakshmi Racecourse, South Mumbai  When – Saturday & Sunday (15th,16th & 17th November 2019)  Time – 11 AM to 11 PM ENTRY – INR 250 onwards