The singer turns 47 today and she’s had a long list of achievements to back her up.

From being a backup singer to designing clothes and a successful solo career, she’s one of the most well known singers of the current generation. In honour of her birthday, here are a few of her most iconic tracks so far:

1.Hella Good

This track released with her band No Doubt hit the audiences in the right way and how. It’s famous for the amazing bass and can be heard even today at popular joints. She also performed the song with her fellow “The Voice” judges Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams. The video for the same depicted the perfect off beat style the band had. You will keep on dancing to this one and that’s a fact.

2. Don’t Speak

Tension grew among the members as they felt that Stefani was quickly getting media attention while the rest of the boys were mere instrument players. She sings this song about not just that issue but also about the end of her seven year relationship with fellow band mate Tony Kanal. It was highly acclaimed and won the band a few awards too.

3. Hey Baby

No Doubt’s album “Rock Steady” in 2001 was a huge stepping stone for the band after rumours about a split, but those were put to rest with the album release. The single was an instant hit with people who liked the slow, cool vibe the song has. Her voice goes perfectly with the cool bridge sung by Bounty Killer, a Jamaican rapper.

4. What You Waiting For?

After the split with the band, Stefani launched her first solo album “Love, Angel, Music, Baby” in 2004 and it did phenomenally well. The album covered various genres of music and this track was proof of the same. The video can be described as the wackiest dream that one could ever have and we agree.

5. Rich Girl

This album was heavily surrounded the Harajuku Girls, which were the main inspiration for the singer. This song was the club hit of this year. The vibe is the best combination of a dance floor jam and a pirate musical. The addition of Eve‘s rap made the song reach the top of the music charts and we do wish we were rich girls too.

6. Hollaback Girl

Come on! This is THE song you have to have on your playlist that will give you a serious nostalgic wave. The song was so huge, you would hear this one everywhere you went. It’s still a personal favourite with its tough edge and deserved status of the song you sang with your girls. And where else would you learn the spelling of bananas if it wasn’t for this song?

7. Sweet Escape

The Sweet Escape was another great album for the singer and the self titled first single was proof. The song is catchy with a vintage 90s vibe and its do-wop influence with all gold everything in the video. Akon was featured on this song which later gave the singer a bit of trouble after the rapper got caught in a controversy that compromised her tour. But the song is one we like a lot.

8. Push and Shove

After her last solo album, she regrouped No Doubt and they released Push and Shove in 2012. The title track was a great mix of their original aesthetic as well as a new sound. The song breaks from its beats to a head bang mid song and then goes to rapper Busy Signal singing a verse. It’s as diverse as any of their previous work and just works.

9. Used To Love You

The singer went through a rough divorce with her now ex-husband and Bush‘s lead singer Gavin Rossdale and the whole ordeal inspired this song. It talks about the messy situation and was the first song she released in ten years. It’s a slow song but the beats give it a quicker pace, making it a great return for the singer back into music. We approve of the subtle burn to the ex (take some hints Taylor Swift).

10. Misery

She met fellow singer Blake Shelton on the reality competition show, “The Voice”. Sparks flew between the two as they both were dealing with divorces at that time. They found a common ground and began dating a few months later. The song clearly refers to their current relationship which is “like drugs to me”, that’s kinda sweet. Plus look at those gowns she’s wearing!

Rock on Gwen!