The odds of any individual winning a lottery is one in 13,000,000! (For a lottery having 6 digits). The odds don’t play in your favor; infact, the odds of you getting struck by lightning on a rainy day is just 1 in 500,000, which means there is a high probability that you’ll get struck by lightning. The odds of winning a lottery are the same as getting struck by lightning 26 times!

Regardless of that, some Indians have managed to grab a big jackpot. Today, we’ll look at these people and countdown to the biggest jackpot winner in Indian history!

Top 10 Biggest Lottery Wins In India

Gaur Das – 35 lakhs

Gaur Das was a normal rickshaw driver; he and his union friends had planned a picnic which unfortunately got canceled due to bad weather. Call this destiny or sheer luck, Gaur Das purchased a lottery ticket on his way back home from a disappointing outing and won a whopping 35 lakhs the next day!

Mojiful Shaikh – 1 Cr

Probably one of the most heartwarming wins on this list. A 22-year-old Mojiful Shaikh went to Kerela and worked on a construction job to sustain his family expenses. He knew he would never save enough money by doing odd jobs, so he bought a lottery ticket and won 1 Crore rupees; we just imagine the joy this must’ve bought to his family!

Saraswati – 1.5 Cr

The next winner comes from the northeast of India; Saraswati was a normal housewife living in Sikkim. She won 1.5 Cr rupees. She probably saved up that money for the future as any housewife would!

RP Manoharan – 2.05 Cr

RP Manoharan is a living legend, people luckily win a lottery once, but Manoharan has bagged the coveted prize not once, not twice, but a staggering 3 times! He won 65 lakh the first time and 70 lakhs the next 2 times. Manoharan used to play the lottery every month and had invested a lot of time in it, so it only made sense that he won so many times; maybe he’ll win a 4th time as well!

Akshit Kumar Jain – 2.83 Cr

The Playwin thunder ball jackpot is responsible for 90 Crorepatis and 5000+ lakhpatis in India. And Akshit Kumar became the youngest ever winner of this famous lottery. We hope Akshit didn’t spend all of his money on sports cars and parties!

Lingaraju D – 3.8 Cr

Lingaraju, a retired health inspector from Bengaluru, never would’ve imagined himself becoming a crorepati on his small paycheck. But thanks to lotto247, he was able to bag a whopping 3.8 Cr, and if he’d won the mega ball, he would’ve taken home 2551 Cr.

M. Bensraj – 5.2 Cr

M. Bensraj made history when he became the first crorepati to win a lottery online. The  14th Playwin Sikkim Super Lotto draw was India’s very first online lottery. The 35-year-old probably is living a lavish life right now!

Ashok and Kirti Patel – 8 Cr

The husband-wife duo is surely made for each other as they won 8 Cr rupees from a single lotto ticket in Mumbai.

6 Salesmen from Kerela – 12 Cr

Imagine you and your friends winning a lottery together; what would you do? Well, we have a real-life example of going by, 6 salesmen bought a lottery ticket and won the biggest prize, a 12 Cr rupees Jackpot. They’ve probably distributed the win between themselves. Despite winning big, the salesmen continue working as salesmen in the jewelry store.

They had contributed rupees 600 each to the cause and won 12 Cr.

Porunnan Rajan – 12 Cr

Rajan won the Kerela Christmas Bumper and spent New Year’s Eve as the happiest man in the world. This win has put him among the biggest lottery winners in India. More information you get on