When you’re at a music festival, having a great view of the stage is of utmost importance. But life isn’t always that easy!

You’re at your favorite music festival, the artist you’ve been wanting to see live since ages is about to perform. But you’re way back behind in the crowd. You have a tall guy in front of you, no space to squeeze ahead, your night is ruined. This is one of the biggest problems and tragedies that can befall any music lover. There are literally a gazillion obstacles you’ll have to face before you actually get the front and center to bask in the glory of the best spot on the grounds! As luck would have it, snagging the best spots on the festival grounds isn’t something that you’ll be gifted with the minute you enter in. You’ll have to do some hard work on your behalf to get that sweet spot!

Although making your way to the center or the front might be hard when a ground is filled with music starved people, it’s not impossible. You just need to act smart!

Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself at the front in no time, hopefully!

1. Use the empty sides!

This part is something that is majorly overlooked. While everyone is extra busy trying to cram themselves in the middle and trying to get there, you need to fan out. The sides are the least popular spaces at any musical concert. This is where you use the sides to your advantage. Just shimmy down the sides and then try to squeeze through the crowd to the center!

2. Be Polite! 

Never underestimate the power of being nice to people around you! When at a festival we are all used to the typical brash folk who for no reason are rude and abusive to everyone. In a crowd like that, being nice will help you stand out effortlessly! Try to politely tell people to give you some way as you make your way down the center. Just try your best to squiggle through without disturbing those who are already dancing. Spread the love!

3. Get there early, very early!

The most surefire way to secure a spot throughout the whole night is to be the early bird! You’ll have to toughen up, bear the scorching heat for a couple of hours, put up with some opening acts you’ve never even heard of and fight the crowd that’s behind you trying to squash you. But after you’ll endured all of that, when the act of your dreams are set to take the stage, you’ll be the closest to them, with a view to kill for! Nothing in life is easy after all.

4. Tag along with a tall person

Who is the Satan of music festivals? Well of course, tall guys. But when looked at from the right angle, they can be an angel in disguise too! They stand in front of you, even after knowing you’re short and can’t see, they refuse to budge. But you can twist this situation around too! Spot a tall guy or girl who are making their way through the crowd and tag yourself behind them. Once they start making their way through the crowd, you can effortlessly get behind them and reach a nice spot to see the acts! If this backfires and you’re stuck behind the tall person, just kill them. That’s the only option!

5. Attach yourself to a group!

There will ALWAYS be a group of friends doing the human chain dance through the whole crowd! Tag yourself with the last person in the chain and put on your friendliest face and make some friends. Two birds with one stone! You make some friends and also get to the spot you were dreaming of.


You’ve tried to do all the above steps and nothing has worked out for you. Well, there’s only one thing you can do now. Take a deep breath, pray to god that everyone is going to support you in this endeavor of yours and try to crowd-surf the crowd! Once you’re hoisted up and above everyone, you undeniably have the BEST view of the stage! Just hope to god that you make a soft landing!

Getting to the front of the stage might be tricky and difficult at times, but with some sacrifices and hard work, you’ll find yourself hugging the barriers at the front!