It’s time to show these women some love and recognition.

The electronic music scene is quite male-dominated, despite the presence of several women in the industry. Several months ago, Dr Justin James put up a post, which has since been deleted, on a group called Support Female DJs. Calling out to the ladies in the industry, he wrote that the DJ who he wishes to work with should be of height 5’2 – 5’7” and weight 47 – 54 kg, because he would “only work with attractive female DJs that know how to read a room”.  

Sadly, James’ attitude cannot be excused as just one odd example. Instead, it can be taken as an example of how women are viewed in the industry. Of course, there are several women who have been loved and admired for their talent. However, recently physical appearance seems to have a greater say in one’s success than their musical talent, even though they are completely unrelated. A simple Google search for female DJs will take you to numerous posts on ‘The Hottest/Sexiest female DJs’ (A search for male DJs’ will take you to a variety of ‘Best/ Richest/Most Powerful and an occasional Sexiest DJs’, which is not any better). 

But, it is a story as old as time. When you have talent, hard work and sheer determination on your side, there is nothing you can’t achieve, even if the odds are stacked against you. So, we decided to pay a tribute to some our favourite lady DJs who we can’t get enough of:



Melika Ngombe Kolongo took up the alias NKISI when she started her career in the music industry. Raised in Belgium, she moved to London and went on to become a producer, DJ and co-founded NON Records, a collective of African and diaspora artists who wish to use their music to create dialogue about race, identity and self-expression. She is known for her fast-paced beats, that seems to have been influenced by central and West African club tracks. Her creations are bold and powerful, matching up to fast paced electro-music world. 



Swedish teenager Tove Agélii entered the industry without any sort of musical background. “I just made sounds alone with my computer, and that was really liberating,” she said in an interview. The 18-year-old took up the name Toxe and went on to become a member of the underground Stockholm-label Staycore, that is known for signing artists who are not afraid to shift between genres. What sets her apart is the delicacy with which she plays her powerful beats. The abrasive skeletal hip-hop beats and house rhythms mixed with the playfulness of vocals from Britney Spears to T-Pain, makes it a great jam for a party. 



Marta Martus became Juicy M way back in 2007, when she started playing hip-hop on vinyls placed on real wheels of steel. The Ukrainian artist, more popularly known as Juicy M, found her fan following when she put up a video on YouTube with four other CDJ players without using headphones. Without any big labels to back her, she managed to find her footing in the industry. She started her own label, JUMMP Records, which became a platform for newcomers and a starting ground for artists such as Angemi and JapaRoll. Her tracks such as ‘Skies’ is reflective of her hip-hop background and known for the energy that gets you moving.



Australian Keli Hart has held her position as one of the most popular electro musicians since the release of her debut single ‘Blast The Stereo’ in 2009. She is a regular face at some of the best clubs in Australia & New Zealand and is known to bring her own shade of Electro Break Tech House music to the floor. Her music is sexy and sassy, making everyone move their asses to the dance floor. 



30-year-old Alex Sholler, better known as Alison Wonderland, is a Sydney-based DJ and producer. Her debut five-track EP ‘Calm Down’, boasted of a mix of pop, techno, trap, future beats, set apart by her collaboration with Norway’s Lido and Mad Decent’s Djemba Djemba, and her vocals.  Her background as a cellist in the Sydney Youth Orchestra and bass player in an indie rock band have continued to influence her work. Today, it is her innovative music skills continue to increase her fan-base.



The Australian twins, Miriam and Olivia Nervo, together form the sister duo NERVO that has become one of the biggest dance acts in the industry today. After writing and producing hits for Kylie Minogue, Ke$ha, The Pussycat Dolls, Afrojack, Steve Aoki and Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), it was the award winning ‘When Love Takes Over’ that catapulted their success. Their love for electronic acts such as The Prodigy, Basement Jaxx, and Fatboy Slim, fuelled their desire to pursue their own career as artists. They collaborated with acts such as Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Armin van Buuren. In a world dominated by men, these girls have shown that they can, not only make music, but make one of the most envied list of A-List collaborators.



24-year-old Amber Giles AKA Mija is an American electronic music producer, DJ and promoter who skyrocketed to stardom by playing alongside Skrillex at Bonaroo in 2014. Prior to her big break, she played for weddings and parties at Sherston and later, Downtown Phoenix. She started collaborating with artists, starting with Eric Daily on Deux Yeux, a French house and nu-disco duo. She is known for her sea foam green hair and her music that crosses genres. She describes her musical style as “fk a genre”.



38-year-old Annie MacManus, is an Irish DJ and TV host, popularly known as Annie Mac. 17-year-old Annie was introduced to clubbing when she arrived at Queens University, Belfast, to pursue a degree in English Literature. By the end of the course, she decided to get into radio. It took her a while, but, in 2004, her first Radio 1 show was broadcasted. It was here that she played her first live set. Today, she hosts several programs, including Annie Mac and BBC Switch with Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1. In the meanwhile, she has been DJing at after and house parties for fun. After a year on Radio 1, she started her ‘Annie Mac Presents’ which went onto become ‘one of the biggest brands in clubland providing a platform for a generation of youthful, bass-driven, live-dance acts’. Annie went on to become one of the most in-demand club/festival DJs on the planet. 



Berlin-born Ellen Fraatz was introduced to electronic music when she moved to London in 1989. Apart from being a musician, DJ, label manager, she found her footing as a t-shirt designer. Her years in the party town of Ibiza, before she moved to London, influence her music even today. Through the 90s, she hosted programmes on Berlin’s Kiss FM, worked at the Delirium record shop, operated a label called Braincandy, and threw a number of parties called BPitch Control, which led her to create a label of the same name. As a DJ, she performs in clubs and festivals all around the world. She creates music which can be described as a blend of IDM and Techno music, which is meant for the dance floor.

10. MAGDA 


DJ Magda is known for being an artist who is ready try out whatever feels right, making her music extremely experimental and hard to define. From dark to light, you will find that her music pleases people all across the electronic spectrum. Born in Poland, and raised in Detroit, Magda gained completely varying perspectives from the world around her. As a teenager, she found herself completely involved in Detroit’s underground music scene. In 1998 she joined Minus and began touring the world as Richie Hawtin’s opening DJ and soon after, she set out to make her own name. Her tracks, be it solo or collaborations, are known to provide listeners a respite from usual, by using a wide array of styles and sounds. 

More power to you ladies!