The rapper’s lyrics are used in this strong advert for mental health.

We all know what an insanely great album “To Pimp A Butterfly” was and still is after Kendrick Lamar won Grammys’ for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for ‘i’. The song continues to be an inspiration for people all over the planet for mental health.

Kaiser Permanente, a health care company, has used this song for a powerful ad “Find Your Words” on mental health awareness. It shows a boy reciting the lyrics as he walks around questioning his mental health and ultimately ends on the song’s higher note of self love.

The advert is hauntingly powerful and brings this otherwise not so discussed topic out in the public eye. Check it out:

The video ends with a few sentences about how one should be vocal about the topic and making it easier for others to open up to the topic too. There has been an increase in the discussion of mental health issues recently after Kid Cudi checked himself into rehab for mental health issues and other musicians like Brian Wilson, Demi Lovato have been vocal about their own struggles with anxiety and depression.

It is reported that 60 per cent of musicians suffer from depression and mental illness and it is something that need not be a taboo anymore. This advert provides the message so eloquently put forth by Lamar about how he suffered with it as a child and overcame it with self expression.

Are you struggling with depression? Reach out to BetterHelp for help.