Here is a list of the 10 best Transformational Festivals around the world which are well-worth the visit.


Transformational festivals are a global phenomenon that originated about  two decades ago, but remains heavily dominated in Northwest America. They are built around music stages/dance floors and the most common genre is electronic dance music. All of the festivals are held outdoors in a remote area; you could find yourself in a forest, a desert, or maybe even a beach. As the campers gather around in different clusters, one may often notice a small community forming. Sounds like almost any other camping music festival, right?

So what makes transformational festivals different? Transformational alludes both to personal transformation (self-realization) and steering the transformation of culture towardsustainability. There is a sacred stream surrounding the entire festival and the journey does not stop even after the festival gates are closed. Every festival’s main focus is to immerse their crowd into interactive and thought provoking environments filled with inspiration to spark new-age sustainability and self-realization.



1) Lightning in a Bottle

Where : Southern California, USA.

Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) provides a simple motto, “Leave it better, Leave it beautiful.” They rely on their fans to help take care of the planet we live on by cleaning up their own trash at the end of the festival. LIB is powered using Biodiesel fuels. They also provide a solar powered cell phone charging station for festival goers. Their Lucent Temple of Consciousness provides a space for personal healing through yoga and temple music and mental engagement with different speakers and workshops.

Lighting in a bottle




2) Envision Festival

Where : Rancho La Merced, Costa Rica

The festival takes place in a beachside jungle, a space where people want to unplug and feel good; the festival’s slogan is ‘viva la experiencia’  (live the experience.) Yes, there are four music stages, but Envision isn’t just about music—there’s equal space devoted to activities such as yoga and sacred movement (drumming, kirtan, etc.), healing modalities, perma-cultures, art, and plant healing.

Envision Festival




3) Earth Frequency Festival

Where : Queensland, Australia.

Earth Frequency Festival is a four day outdoor festival, based in South-East Queensland, Australia. They fit  into many cultural niches or pigeon holes such as music concert, transformational festival, tribal gathering, workshop conference and so on. However, the aim of Earth Frequency Festival is to go beyond these traditional tags and exist as a multi-faceted gathering focused broadly on creativity, community, connection, intention and inspiration.

Earth Frequency Festival

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4) Lucidity Festival

Where : Southern California.

The festival is completely open-sourced and co-created, which means that they rely on you! They want you to bring the art and lead a workshop while they bring the worldly musical acts and galleries. One of the most unique features at Lucidity is “Lucid City University.” The Lucid City University houses the lecture stages of “Lucid University” and “Fishbon University”. The lecture stages run from morning until midnight and include panel discussions ranging from financial freedom, world peace, adventures in lucid dreaming, beer, Burning Man culture, self-empowerment, and so much more.

Lucidity Festival

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5) Shambhala Music Festival

Where : British Columbia, Canada.

The “Shambhalove” has made this festival one of the largest and longest running electronic music events in Canada. Shambhala has been owned by the Bundschuh family, who maintain the 500-acre farm year-round. They continue to deny any corporate sponsorship making the festival produced and managed entirely by volunteers. Their ethos relies on idea that people who attend and volunteer reflect their own beliefs and visions onto the music festival and turn it into what they want it to be.

6) Photosynthesis Festival

Where : Washington, USA.

Founded in 2008, Photosynthesis started as a celebration for the Makah Tribe of Neah Bay. Today, the celebration is still going strong with three days filled with music, circus performances, ritual theatre, dance performances, healing workshops, and art from all different cultures. With a large musical line-up, fans remain calm knowing there are only three different stages to travel between. Which makes this community really close-knit. The vibe at Photosynthesis is so deep and it starts the moment a Mekah (tribal) elder blesses the ground where the participants dance.

Photosynthesis Festival




7) The Evolve Fest

Where : Antigonish, Canada. 

The venue of the three day  Evolve Fest is nestled in the heart of the Nova Scotia’s highlands and the view is quite breathtaking. Imagine waking up to the Atlantic coastline every morning!  It’s like a vacation in a wilderness paradise mixed with amazing music. Apart from the amazing music and location, they also host a number of workshops on topics like social awareness and environmental awareness.




8) Desert Hearts.

Where: California, USA.

Desert Hearts was manifested from sheer determination and an abundance of positive energy in 2012 as a 300 person renegade Mojave gathering. Since then, they have grown tremendously, refining their abilities to produce world-class house and techno gatherings. As they put it on their website – ” It is a safe haven away from Babylon (civilization) where everyone can connect with nature, be themselves and do what makes then happy. One stage, one vibe, one beautiful and growing family.” You’re sure to make some fabulous friends and memories here.

Desert Hearts




8) The Bounce Festival

Where : Northern California, USA.

The ‘Bouncers’ are known for showcasing one of the ultimate music festival experiences all while maintaining a strong sense of community within the crowd. One of the most striking features undoubtedly is ‘The Chakra Village’ where you can explore more about your seven chakras  and each participant can indulge in chromotherapy with guided information. Talk about a spiritual awakening!




9) Sonic Bloom

Where : Colorado, USA.

Considered Colorado’s premier electronic music festival, Sonic Bloom celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014. They have a wonderful line-up of events which are more than just the standard workshop and music fare observed at transformational festivals. Some of their most popular events include live painting, yoga, and some mesmerising art installations.




10) What The Festival.

Where : Oregon, USA.

What The Festival is the “crème de la crème” of transformational festivals. Not only is there music, arts, and movement classes but you can also indulge in film screenings, a hookah lounge, the Splash Pool Party, and the Oasis Spa to name a few. Each night until dawn, WTF attendees can enjoy Decked Out Cinema which showcases independent films from all over the world.