As both the Legends: Arceus game and Pokemon BDSP are releasing in a short time frame, many have started to speculate whether or not these games are related to each other. So today we’ll dig deep into the lore of both the games to find plot points that solidify the connection.

pokemon legends: arceus

Team galaxy

Team galaxy and team galactic are pretty similar names, and not just that, their motivations seem the same as well. Read in detail over here – Why Team Galaxy will be the evil team in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Team Galaxy in Pokemon Legends: Arceus Explained!


Dialga is a Sinnoh Pokemon, it was first revealed in the Sinnoh region and it is the Pokemon god of time. As Pokemon BDSP and Pokemon Legends take place at different times in history, Dialga can surely join the two timelines together!

Sinnoh region!

Both the games are taking place in the Sinnoh region and both have been started to release consecutively. This might just be a coincidence, but Pokemon has been known to do such things in the past, so who knows, maybe they are connected by some weird place in the region that we don’t know about.

With that we wrap up the theories!