The Minecraft 1.19 update is going to be the wild update, a theme no one saw coming except for us. We on this website had long before speculated an update with biome changes, you can read it here – Minecraft 1.19 has already been revealed before Minecon 2021!

Apart from that, we are really hyped up about the new features that the 1.19 update will bring to the game. But we couldn’t contain our excitement so we came up with some more of our own ideas to help the swamp biome feel better!

Swamp biome minecraft 1.19


We already know that we’ll be getting mangrove trees, frogs, and fireflies as well. Just to add to the flora and fauna in the swamp they could add a rare lotus flower as well. As you know a lotus is known to grow in such an environment, the lotus could have special properties and could be a really rare sighting.


The alligator is an animal known to live in swaps, it only makes sense to add one to the swamp biome if Minecraft devs are really trying to make an immersive experience. Also, there is no hostile mob native to the biome, so this might help!

Witch hut revamped!

The iceologger was a huge loss, it was a mob that should’ve been in the game. But don’t worry, the revamped witch hut in the swamp should take care of that. The revamped witch hut will contain better potions and a better structure, and the most exciting part, you can trade with the witch!

If you liked the idea, feel free to expand upon them and share it with the devs at Minecraft on Twitter so that they also get a hint at these cool new ideas that they could use.

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