This is the best thing you’ll watch today.

The movie you’ve all been waiting to watch is finally out. This almost-one-and-a-half-hour video is definitely worth your time. Drop what you’re doing now, because that can wait. It’s time to induce some goosebumps!

In 2013, Above & Beyond played their first ever acoustic show at Porchester Hall in London. What was perhaps more anticipated than the performance itself was this acoustic film set to release on January 24. And now, here it is! Tony, Jono and Paavo talk about how they brought this acoustic project together, the production process, the rehearsals and a lot more!

And of course, there are performances that will leave you stunned. Zoe Johnston‘s celestial vocals take you on a cosmic journey of sorts. And then we have the beautiful Annie Drury, lending her sugarsweet vocals to tracks like ‘Miracle’ and ‘Can’t Sleep’. Alex Vargas, the curly-haired charmer is his best in ‘Thing Called Love’ and ‘Sun & Moon’. And finally, of course, the intoxicating voice of Tony McGuinness himself!

Here’s what happens when a set of beautifully talented musicians get together in a magnificent venue.

The Sherp is completely mesmerized by this heightened musical experience. Now you can understand why this is on our wish-list for 2014!