Wow! 2013 has flown by too quickly – and it’s been an incredible year, not only for the global dance music industry but even for the Indian dance music scene! For India, this has definitely been the year of new festivals and artist debuts – and of course, some of the industry bigwigs returning to India BIGGER than before!

But this isn’t about 2013. It’s time to welcome the new year. And we know 2014 has a lot more in store for us! The Sherp has prepared a list of 10 things he would wish to see in 2014:

Wish #1: A music festival in India that extends over two weekends!

Because… hell yeah! I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want this to be true! More days = more artists = more range of genres = more people = MERRIER! Organizers, are you listening?



Wish #2: Daft Punk & Eric Prydz in India!

We have been waiting way too long for these artists to perform in India. And when it finally happens, we know it’s going to be worth the wait! We just hope it’s sometime sooner.



Wish #3: An Above & Beyond acoustic performance in India

Okay, at least in Asia if not India, pretty please? Besides, we could really use some enticingly soulful sound for our ears!



Wish #4: More artists defying genres

Be it Seven Lions, Avicii‘s new album ‘True’ or even Nucleya‘s ‘Koocha Monster’ – we all loved the refreshing sounds that were doing the rounds this year, and hope to see more of this trend in the months to come!



Wish #5: A music festival on a cruise!

Admit it. You’re already going crazy like this guy.



Wish #6: More women taking over the dance music realm!

GO Girl Power! We give that a thumb’s up too, Mim!



Wish #7: Collaborations between these artists:

Here are some artist-collaborations The Sherp thinks would be interesting to hear –

Daft Punk + Deadmau5

Diplo + Mat Zo = DiploMat (as said by Mat Zo himself on his Twitter account!)

Andrew Bayer + Emma Hewitt

Armin van Buuren + Zoe Johnston

Arty + Ellie Goulding



Wish #8: More artists (outside the dance music spectrum) touring India!

Okay, probably not Coldplay due to their three-year-hiatus. But hey, since we are only making a wish… go ahead and add The xx, London Grammar, Adele and Imagine Dragons to that list.


Wish #9: Big brands supporting the festival scene

Smirnoff blew us all away by bringing the ‘Cloud Stage’ to Bangalore in December. It’s about time the bigger brands got into the music scene, because they have the money. And more money = better festival experience!



Wish #10: Music and technology coming closer together!

From mobile apps like Mixhibit and Aokify to state-of-the-art stage productions – technology has only enhanced the music industry. We are sure 2014 has some absolute wonders in store for us!