I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! 



1. The Gelato Festival

Where: All over Italy
When: April 30 to October 4

As you all know, Italy is the birthplace of all things holy, most important of which – The Gelato. This creamy and delicious take on ice-cream comes in various fruity flavours as well as sinful chocolate delights. Over the course of 4 months and in four cities, Italy hosts a Gelato festival that has garnered much international attention and of course – tourism. The event features a big ‘”Ice Cream Makers” competition, for which you can vote for.

You can also take workshops on how to make the perfect gelato or even be witness to how Gelatos can be made artisanally. It truly is a gastronomical experience.


2. Austin’s Ice Cream Festival

Where: Austin, Texas, USA
When:  August 8

Austin’s Ice Cream Festival is known far and wide for its fun activities celebrating everything related to Ice Cream. As a family event, many national and international brands of ice cream are made available to pick and choose from + live music, popsicle carving contests, ice-cream eating contests and over 50,000 popsicle sticks to play with!


3. Chicago’s Ice Cream & Gelato Festival

Where: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago’s prime ice cream extravaganza includes the delicious goodies of around fifteen creameries from Chicago. You can vote for the finalists by tasting everything on the menu and also taste the creations of “The Chicago Brain Freeze” contest.

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4. Florida Ice Cream Festival

Where: Florida, USA
When: April

Ice cream eating contests are the big thing at this festival. Expect large crowds and some delicious ice cream &food, carnival rides, exhibitors, music, DJs, children’s games and everything that should be in family festival.


5. New Hampshire’s Dairy Trail 

Where: New Hampshire, USA

32 creameries join the New Hampshire Dairy Trail, with an assorted of wacky, unusual yet undeniably tasty flavours. Food bloggers rejoice, this may just be your dessert Mecca!





6. Cedarburg Strawberry Festival

Where: Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA
When: June

The Cedarburg Strawberry festival may be the anomaly of this list, since it’s a fruit festival rather than a dessert one. However the festival does come with some exciting strawberry+ice cream festivities. Last year Kemps Ice Cream travelled to this festival to showcase the largest strawberry ice cream scoop ever.



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