Often accounted as the festival with the most intelligent lineup, Pitchfork Music Festival 2015 was obviously awaited for eagerly. And boy, was it great!

Chance The Rapper, Caribou, Sleater Kinney, Wilco, Future Island, The New Pornographers, Chvrches, Run the Jewels and Panda Bear where just some of the names that brought the house down at the recently concluding Pitchfork Music Festival or P4K, as it is more popularly called. And quite obviously, the turnout consisted of sharply cut music lovers assembled together for the love of this exciting line-up.

Here are some of the highlights from the festival –

1. The crowd assembled to great effect. 

They were obviously enthusiastic about what was to follow @jessierocks
(Image source: @jessierocks | Instagram)


As they turned up in stunningly large numbers, as this image will have you believe.Cory
(Image source: @corydewaldphotography | Instagram)


They casually climbed onto netted spaces for a great view. @johnkon
(Image source: @johnkon | Instagram)


But stayed in tandem with the festival underlying chilled-out spirit@benlara(Image source: @benlara | Instagram)


2. And they were dressed like your average, serious music lover 

Quite visibly, Pitchfork commands the kind of music festival attendees who come in dressed sharp, while avoiding any kind of fashion cliché we have to come to associate festivals with.

Some where stylish, trendy, while minimalistic. @hawleydunbar(Image source: @hawleydunbar| Instagram)


Casual, yet trendy, was obviously the running theme@jvmuylle(Image source: @ohmygodunicorns| Instagram)


Thus, representing the true spirit of an American summer festival
@ravi_gill_photos(Image source: @ravi_gill_photos | Instagram)

Because as we see it here, only casual ensues more casualness to follow. ohmygodunicorns
(Image source: @ohmygodunicorns| Instagram)


Casual is, as casual does, times two. kfield
(Image source: @kfield| Instagram)

3. Some dared to do different, and managed to make it work, albeit, wonderfully.


Like this hippie princess armed with two ‘cowboy emoting’ young’nes. 
@bobbysuarez(Image source: @bobbysuarez| Instagram)


Or these few who came armed for the ‘come-rain-come-shine’ weather in black raincoats and made it work. 
11168190_1102848133077914_3730928991847448266_n(Image source: Pitchfork Music Festival Facebook)


Or this one, who wore her heart on her t-shirt, almost literally. @chirpradio1
(Image source: @chirpradio1 | Instagram)


Or this person right here, who went straight up classy and elegant. @rozaidi87
(Image source: @nytimesfashion | Instagram)


4. But this was until the artists started coming in, when of course, everything else took a backseat. 

When Sleater Kinney rocked it out to an amazing set 
@clashdan(Image source: @clashdan | Instagram)

When Caribou, with his band, descended into psychedelic glory@kelsternash
(Image source: @kelsternash | Instagram)


When this one image proved just how dreamy Tobias Jesso Jr’s set must have been
Kristina Pedersen Photography(Image source: Kristina Pederson Photography )


When Killer Mike of Run The Jewels made this face @karee888
(Image source: @karee888 | Instagram)


And everything Chance The Rapper did was cheered on@corydewaldphotography
(Image source: @corydewaldphotography | Instagram)


Literally, everything he did. Even this face@needleandthreadblog
(Image source: @needleandthreadblog | Instagram)


5. And left people wanting for more, literally –


Like these people who could not be having more fun
@3bobbot(Image source: @2bonbot | Instagram)

Like this girl, who clearly got the vibe Jamie XX was going for@reassurance jamie xx
(Image source: @reassurance | Instagram)


That’d be our faces during a Sleater-Kinney set too, sistersSleater Kinney(Image source: Pitchfork Music Festival Facebook)


While, some vibed out to the music in a different manner@melpink220
(Image source: @melpink220 | Instagram)


The rest, just busied themselves in the music, the only way they knew how@clechictq
(Image source: @clechictq | Instagram)