Here are some must-visit food festivals that will kick your summer vacay up a notch.

From Maine’s lobster extravaganza to Georgia’s Peach Fest, we have compiled a list of incredible food experiences that will stay with you for a long time to come.


1.  Georgia Peach Festival

Where: Fort Valley, Georgia

When: June 3 to 11

Festival Highlight: This festival harbours the world’s largest peach cobbler, almost six feet long and eight inches deep.

Georgia Peach Festival is a week-long celebration of Georgia’s culinary wealth—especially their infamous and undeniably delectable peaches. Held annually in Fort Valley and Byron, this festival hosts over 10,000 folks every year.

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2.  Portland Eat Mobile Festival

Where: Portland

When: April 29

Festival Highlight: Their ‘Biggest-Ass Sandwich Ever’

Portland’s one and only Eat Mobile Festival is also their street food paradise. A food festival that includes food cart competitions and has been declared to have the “world’s best street food” by CNN and U.S. News Travel, this festival is definitely worth travelling for.

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3.  Taste Of Vail Festival

Where: Vail, Colorado

When: April 8 to 11

Festival Highlight: ‘Mountain Top Picnic’, a gourmet feast atop Vail Mountain.

Taste of Vail features North America’s finest chefs and winemakers along with the best cooked meals you will ever have. If you’re looking for a food destination that promises a sophisticated and worldly atmosphere and not to mention—delicious food, Taste of Vail is your go-to fest.

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4.  Maine Lobster Festival

Where: Rockland, Maine

When: August 3 to 7

Festival Highlight: The Lobster Crate Race, an exhilarating race across 50 partially submerged lobster crates without falling into the Atlantic Ocean.

This one is for all you seafood lovers out there. Maine’s Lobster Festival is an extravagant event, a cultured carnival with a parade, U.S. Navy Ship tours, a Lobster Crate Race and of course, over 20,000 pounds of lobster. Dig in to the festivities this August with the beautiful backdrop of Maine to accompany the mouthwatering food.

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5.  Vegas Uncork’d

Where: Las Vegas

When: April 23 to 26

Festival Highlight: ‘In Hell’s Kitchen Dinner’ with Gordon Ramsay where attendees experience a taste of what it’s like to be on the other side of the screen of Hell’s Kitchen.

Vegas Uncork’d is a food festival that features some of the greatest chefs and food personalities in the world such as Gordon Ramsay. With a number of delicious meals and workshops, this is the perfect summer getaway for all food enthusiasts.

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6.  Vermont Cheesemakers Festival

Where: Shelburne, Vermont

When: July 24

Festival Highlight: The overwhelming amount of cheese!

Love your fair share of cheese? So do we. Vermont Cheesemaker’s Festival has over 100 kinds of cheese garnered exclusively from over 40 local creameries. This, accompanied by smoked meats, bread and tasteful cider renders the experience as a memorable one.

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7.  Slugburger Festival

Where: Corinth, Mississippi

When: July 7 to 9

Festival Highlight: The Slug-Idol Singing Contest.

What’s a slugburger, you ask? A slugburger is deep-fried meat and soy-patty burger that is so good, it’s almost illegal. Almost. Slugburger Festival celebrates the sinfulness of this dish with some live music, a slugburger eating championship and lots and lots of slugburgers.

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8. Big Festival

Where: Cotswolds, UK

When: August 28 – 30

Festival Highlight: It’s Jamie Oliver’s festival. ‘Nuff said. 

With camping, food and some fascinating live acts, the Big Feastival is definitely one of the UK‘s finest boutique outings. You can enjoy music from top acts, tuck into top chef demos in the Big Kitchen and have your fill from The Menu, featuring the cream of the UK’s street food crop, including Raymond Blanc, Nathan Outlaw and Jamie Oliver himself. Click here to know more about the festival.

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