What really makes a festival tick is its diverse and kickass lineup. Fret not, Storm 2014 will feature an eclectic mix of electronic and live acts performing  in a lush, verdant 200 acre slice of greenland. Here’s The Sherp’s pick of performances and acts you simply cannot miss!


1. Eddie Halliwell

eddie halliwell

Nominated for MixMag’s ‘Greatest DJ Of All Time’ poll in 2010, this international house and Trance is quite the ‘superstar’ of the dance music scene. He’s often known to look into people eyes while performing with an “almost telepathic ability to read a crowd.” The British DJ has has held residencies at Goodgreef,Gatecrasher and Cream in Ibiza, was named DJ of the year by leading dance music magazine Mixmag in 2003 and 2005. He was also the resident for BBC Radio 1 by hosting a weekly show when he was recognised as “as one of brightest talents of his generation”.

Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk and many of his other peers have him acknowledged as one of the ‘leading innovators when it comes to using technology to push boundaries’. Point and reason why you shouldn’t miss his headlining set at Storm Festival, this year!

2. Filterheadz

Now for some good ole’ Techno. Filterheadz will be back in the Subcontinent this month as a headliner for Storm 2014. The Belgian brothers can be best remembered by their massive hits Sunshine & Yimanya. Originally out to become rockstars influenced by The Police and U2, these brothers accidentally discovered the groovy rhythms of House Music, which led them to experiment with loops and disco samples….which led them to discover Techno. Many hits, remixes and years later the two are still known for the energetic performances, even though their sound has gotten a bit more melodic over the years.

3. Anthony Dassan Yen Party

Taking a break from the dance music, lets look at a folk act that will be interesting to watch live. Anthony Dassan’s Folk Ensemble -“Anthony in Party” brings Tamil folk songs out of their rural moorings and presents them to urban audiences. This won’t be their first time at Storm, as they were known for their energetic performance at last year’s version (that gave them the significant recognition they needed.) The group is fronted by a guy (Anthony) from an obscure town in Tanjore who sings, plays instruments,dances, acts, juggles and the like. He along with his ‘party’ have performed at some pretty big international festivals and are known for perfecting their art-form with each performance.


4. Tetseo SistersTetseo Sisters

“The Tetseo Sisters are the true cultural ambassadors of the North East with their “Li”, breaking barriers and boundaries. Li is louder than words and the Tetseo Sisters are already going places, taking it across frontiers.” – North East Sun

Comprising  four sisters and like the above quote suggests, this group have come to be known as Nagaland’s cultural ambassadors through their repertoire of native folk songs. They sing “Li” in a Chokri dialect accompanied by a one stringed instrument called the Tati/Heka Libuh. The group have performed at various festivals in India and abroad and also dabble in western music- their inspirations being Shania Twain, The Corrs and ever Deep Forrest! These women tell their tales beautifully, through organic yet soulful music which gives you a true taste of Nagaland.


5. Shankar Mahadevan meets Shankar Tucker

shankar madhevan & Shankar tucker (1)

Shankar Mahadevan is a man who needs no introduction.  And as the brand ambassador of  Storm 2014 he has talked about the festival being a platform for music lovers “who want to experience something new” which is exactly what he has in store for this years edition. As one of the headlining acts (and for the first time ever) the popular award winning Indian composer will be collaborating  with a world renowned American Clarinetist and composer – Shankar Tucker.
For those of you who don’t already know, Shankar Tucker is quite the master of the clarinet and has a great love for Indian Classical music (which he  blends with elements of jazz and pop to create his unique sound). His Youtube channel features all of fusion work and comes highly recommended by The Sherp.