Tired of waiting for a Dubstep remix release of your favorite song? No need, make your own.


A certain Peter Sobot has designed an application for all you Wub – heads out there. Aptly titled  “The Wub Machine”, the app transforms a song of your choice into a mastered Dubstep, Trap or Drum & Bass version in a matter of minutes.

The Wub Machine is built around an algorithm that analyzes a song’s tempo and key and then chops the track up to fit a predetermined beat made by the Wub engineers. This is a fun & exciting prospect for those who compose their own sounds at home, without having to undergo the painful sound engineering procedures required to master a Dubstep production. Although, we must reveal that the app has surfaced to fulfill entertainment purposes only.

The eventual sounds may range from surprisingly awesome to depressingly awful, depending on the musical design of the track you choose to remix. (We still haven’t figured out that ‘algorithm’ yet).

Here’s what the website interface looks like :


The first step involves picking a track + remix (Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Trap etc) of your choice, following which the app will automatically manufacture the version you choose. This procedure barely takes a few minutes and then Voila! You have your very own remixed track available for upload + download. The life of your uploaded file is restricted to 24 hours on the Wub Machine database after which it will automatically erase your file. So make sure you download it immediately (provided you’re satisfied with the app’s rework)

The application is available for free download on the Apple Store and the Android Market. The Sherp predicts this one is going to prove be an amazingly interactive distraction for those who want to fulfill their makeshift wannabe producer needs. Haha.

Which track would you like to remix?

Check out the app online here : www.the.wubmachine.com