For centuries, card games have been among the most popular form of gaming across the world. The simple but often skillful formats of card games have been passed down through generations, with them still being enjoyed by friends, families, and in fully-fledged gambling venues. Playing cards is very much a leisurely activity, and people who love to play cards have a plethora of options if they want to make it a part of their vacation. So here, we’re going to explore four of the best destinations where card players can indulge in the classic games they love.

Off to sunny Spain

Spain, particularly Andalucía on the south coast, has been among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe for decades. The relaxed atmosphere, tourist infrastructure, great food, and sunny weather never fails to draw in millions from around the world each year. While a lot of people assume American origins for some of the biggest card games due to the United States’ historical embrace of them, it was actually in Spain that the origins of blackjack have been traced.

The incredibly popular card game – in which you aim to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going bust, has its roots stretching back to the beginning of the 17th Century, with it likely being around long before that time. Playing with the Spanish baraja deck of cards, Ventiuno (which directly translates to “21”) was first described in the novel Rinconete y Cortadillo, which was one of the short stories in Miguel de Cervantes’ 1613-published collection entitled Novelas Ejemplares. With the stories being set in Seville, the Andalucían capital has become the ancestral homeland of blackjack.

Experience the class of Monte Carlo

World-renowned as a billionaire’s playground, Monte Carlo is perhaps the classiest quarter of the country of Monaco. Situated at the foot of the Maritime Alps on the famous French Riviera, the crown jewel of the area is the extravagant Place du Casino. While the newly-renovated Casino Monte-Carlo features worldwide favorites like blackjack, poker, and Punto Banco, it also offers a classic French card game: Trente et Quarante. Translated as “30 and 40,” but also known as Rouge et Noir, the card game revolves around betting on rows of cards which will reveal a pip value between the values of 30 and 40. Monte Carlo is a sublime destination in itself, with the casino and card gaming being central to its allure.

The obvious go-to destination: Sin City

Seen as the gambling capital of the west, Las Vegas and gambling go hand-in-hand. While just about every gambling game and its variants are covered by the 100 casinos in the Nevada city, the card games hold a special level of prestige in Las Vegas. Not only does the massive World Series of Poker take place in Las Vegas every year, but world-famous tales of teams like the Four Horsemen of Blackjack and the MIT Blackjack Team beating the casinos at blackjack have added to the draw of Sin City cards. The Strip is also heavily reliant on yet another form of 21, baccarat, with Las Vegas revenues hinging on VIP baccarat players coming over from Asia.

A destination that doesn’t cost a plane ticket

In the modern-day, experiencing top-class card games from around the world doesn’t always require a plane ticket. While traveling across the country or to a new country is a fun experience, a vast and varied card game offering is at the card lover’s fingertips at all times. Anyone with an affinity for cards games can play here to discover an expansive range of formats, from Vegas Downtown Blackjack to VIP Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack to Free Bet Blackjack. With such a range of blackjack games nestled in amongst first-person titles, baccarat, hold’em, stud, and Caribbean poker, there’s a reduced need to travel to indulge in classic and innovative card game creations.

Card games have been able to uphold their incredible levels of popularity throughout the centuries and across the world, with these destination options presenting a luscious blend of history and the best gaming experiences.