The rapper will set the stage on fire with his performance!

With a fabulous entry into the music business without a record label and just a fur coat on his back, Macklemore has made quite the impact on hip-hop fans all over the globe. Now, the man will be making his debut in India with Vh1 Supersonic in Pune and we can’t wait for that day to get here already! You have to abandon all prior engagements and make your way to the festival to watch the rapper live for the very first time in the country (get your tickets here). We’ll give you all the reasons to do just that:

1. The Story Behind His Stage Name Is Adorable


When asked by Complex magazine about the story behind his stage name, Ben Haggerty gave an answer that melted our cold, black hearts. “I came out to Pratt Art School when I was a junior for the summer. We were given an [assignment] at graphics art class at my high school in Seattle, and I was given this superhero in plastic wrapping. We had to give him a name. I named him Professor Macklemore.” And cue the squeal!

2. No Record Label, No Problem


This guy is all about individuality, so much so that he isn’t signed on to any music label! He works independently under Macklemore LLC – his own production, which is a subsection of the Warner Music Group’s Alternative Distribution Alliance. “It was everything that we had always wanted: maintaining our independence with access to radio and thus the masses,” he stated. What a smart move, indeed!

3. The Struggles Are All Prominent In His Tracks

(Credits: instagram/macklemore)

His issues with alcoholism and addiction have been reflected in gut-wrenching songs like “Starting Over” and, most recently, “Drug Dealer” which was featured in a documentary about the effects of narcotics and talks about it with Barack Obama. “Same Love” is all about his support for LGBT rights and against homophobic groups. PREACH!

4. His Tracks Have Created History


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ EP “The Heist” was a huge hit. It was the first time that an independent artist’s album hit platinum and surpassed albums by Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z and Kanye West to win a Grammy for Best Rap Album in 2014 along with Best New Artist, Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance. A clean sweep never looked so incredible.

5. Ryan Lewis Is His Absolute BFF

(Credits: Jason Koeing)

Macklemore has been supportive of his producer/collaborator Ryan Lewis since Lewis was just a photographer for Macklemore. “Ryan is one of my best friends in this world,” he says. He has also been stated saying that he spends more time with Lewis than anyone else and he’s extremely blessed because of it. #BFFGoals

6. His Live Performances Are Everything

The “Thrift Shop” hit maker knows exactly how to get a party started at any venue he plays at. His energy is unbeatable during the show and, with a great hype man to back him up, you can feel the vibration of the concert floor through the screen! See it for yourself!

7. Expect All Those Hits At One Time

(Credits: instagram/macklemore)

He’s not just known for being thrifty, but other tracks like “Can’t Hold Us”, “White Walls”, “My Oh My”, “Dance Off”, “Downtown” and many others, will take you on a ride through the various sounds of hip-hop in a short span. We guarantee you that it will be an event of a lifetime.

8. He Makes Dreams Come True


The deep voice that sings the catchy hook for “Thrift Shop” is a man called Wanz who worked at Microsoft in a desk job before he was given his big break at the age of 51! Gospel singer Ray Dalton’s life too was altered when he was featured on “Can’t Hold Us” after Macklemore convinced his grandmother to let him feature on it!

9. He Loves His Shoes

(Credits: instagram/macklemore)

Style clearly is a huge part of his personality, but he would rather spend a few extra buck (which translates to a lot of money) on his footwear! When he bought a pair of shoes for $600, he was sure his fans would call out on the thrifty hypocrisy. “My fans are going to hate me now. But I was like, ‘These are some shoes I’m going to have to buy.'”

10. It’s Macklemore, Man!

(Credits: instagram/macklemore)

Come one! As if you needed any other reason to see the rapper live in India and at just a fractional cost. It’s going to be quite different from the EDM-heavy vibe at the festival. Hip-hop is coming and it’s going to be epic!

Make sure you get those tickets right now and witness a rap miracle.