Eminem or Trump, both make headlines due to a variety of reasons, but this one takes them all down!

Big Sean’s highly anticipated album I Decided., is finally here, and the track “No Favors” is already making people talk, albeit for reasons more than one. The number one reason is Eminem‘s electric verse and the second being the criticism against the declining quality of Eminem’s songs. Eminem is known for being straight-forward with his lyrics and his latest rap doesn’t let his reputation down! He has threatened to make Trump’s “whole brand go under” and Twitter is losing it’s shit.

The lines aimed at Donald Trump go something  like this, “I’m anti/ Can’t no government handle a commando/ Your man don’t want it/ Trump’s a bitch/ I’ll make his whole brand go under.”

He previously aimed at Sarah Palin in 2009 with “We Made You”. So, we know it’s not the first time Eminem has gone critically political. Big Sean took to Twitter to thank Eminem for the contribution to his album!

Many Twitter users are criticizing Eminem, saying that his music is out-dated and that his golden time is over. @DragonflyJonez tweeted, “I go to bat for Eminem all the time on here. Peak Eminem that is. But this 1998 AOL Freestyle chatroom verse on this Big Sean aint it bruh.”

We are having a lot of fun amidst everything that is going on!