We picked out some of the best Led Zeppelin cover songs to have graced this planet!

Led Zeppelin are often considered the godfathers of heavy metal. They’ve occasionally dabbled in folk, blues and psychedelic music, from which they have also been highly influenced. The band was a powerhouse and saw their rise in the early 70’s, after which they went on to become one of the biggest rock bands in history. The band produced and released 9 albums over the course of their run and songs from each and every album has been covered by numerous artists since then.

We take a look at some of the best covers that do justice to their legend!

1. Stairway To Heaven- Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Hands down one of Led Zep’s most famous songs, this one, sans any vocals, still stands out to be one of the best covers thanks to the beautiful flamenco-laced guitar work by the talented brother-sister duo of Rodrigo and Gabriela! The lead solo on an acoustic guitar just gives the song a whole new dimension!

2. Four Sticks- Bombay Symphony Orchestra/Led Zeppelin

Not a lot of people know this, but Robert Plant and Jimmy Page had come to India in 1972 on a trip. While in Bombay, they recorded a session with The Bombay Symphony Orchestra and recorded “Four Sticks” and “Friends” using only Indian instruments. This version is actually called “Four Hands” because of the primary use of Tabla for the beats of the song. Fascinating stuff! 

3. Stone Temple Pilots – Dancing Days

The Stone Temple Pilots infuse this number from the album “The Houses Of The Holy” with their own grunge sensibilities. The guitar work in the back is still very reminiscent of Jimmy Page’s work.

4. Immigrant Song- Trent Reznor & Karen O

One of the most powerful songs made by Zeppelin received the Trent Reznor treatment for the movie “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. The movie was of a very twisted and dark nature and we can’t help but agree that the sinister twist Reznor gave this song fits the mood and tone of the movie perfectly!

5. When The Levee breaks- Zepparella

The song with the most unmistakable heavy drumming of John Bonham and music that transports you to a Nordic time, the all-female Led Zep tribute band, Zepparella made their very own version of “When The Levee Breaks”. They start off perfectly with the harmonica solo and the powerful thumping! The vocals just goes on to be the cherry on top of the cake!

6. Kashmir- Bond

Another instrumental cover on this list, “Kashmir” is one song whose tune is forever etched in everyone’s mind. What seems like a very Indian inspired melody gets the perfect treatment from the string quartet group “Bond“. There is no way the perfect harmonies, those screeching solos and the bad-assery in general doesn’t give you the goosies!

7. Battle Of Evermore- Heart

Sisters Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson, who are rock goddesses, show why they were the reigning queens of rock back in the day. They recreate an almost identical and perfect recreation with the mandolin strumming and Plant-like vocals! So talented!

8. Whole Lotta Love – Santana ft. Chris Cornell

Who better to cover Led Zep’s most hardcore song “Whole Lotta Love” than guitar god Santana and vocals by Soundgarden and Audioslave front man Chris Cornell. The cover just goes on to show that the biggest players in the rock music industry looked up to Led Zep as their influences!

 9. Night Flight- Jeff Buckley

Jimmy Page was once quoted as saying that the loss of Jeff Buckley was probably one of the greatest losses that music has ever had. Why he said that, is pretty evident after listening to this cover. Buckley shows his respect to the legends with his heartfelt and soulful cover of the track “Night Flight” from the “Physical Graffiti” album. 

10. When The Levee Breaks- Allison Krauss & Robert Plant

The originally powerful song, Alison Krauss gave this classic such a smooth twist and it took our breath away. She takes the tempo down a couple of notches and sings with her heart and plays the fiddle. The end result is a total rework of a song that was banging to begin with, but now ended up being a blues-y ballad thanks to her! 

As time continues, we just hope more and more covers of Led Zeppelin keep popping up and leave us delighted as always!