Our very own Indian Prodigy recently released a fresh new remix of Maroon 5’s latest song and it’s already a hit!

Maroon 5 have been captivating fans with their music for over a decade. The iconic falsetto vocals of lead singer Adam Levine makes him undeniably one of the best higher octave male artists of our generation. No wonder the band’s Pokemon Go Themed song ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ became an instant hit. The song, featuring rap sensation Kendrick Lamar, already generated well over a million views on Youtube.

Credits: ibtimes.co.uk

If you’re a fan of the song as well as an electronic music lover, you’re going to love this new remix. Officially released yesterday on Saavn, the track has hit 10k plays and counting! Who could have achieved such a feat? None other than Indian prodigy and electronic music rising star, Zaeden. The young star is best known for his hit songs “Never Let You Go” and “Yesterday” which have both had major success online. With “Never Let You Go” gaining close to 3 million hits as well as “Yesterday” garnering 1.5 million views including a #3 spot on Beatport; Zaeden is well on his way to becoming one of the most promising acts the country has ever produced!

Having started  DJing from the tender age of 14, he is also the first local artist to be signed by world renowned dance record label, Spinnin’ records, and is popularly known as the ‘Justin Bieber’ of dance music.

According to Zaeden, “2017 is an exciting year for me. I’m a huge fan of Adam Levine since my school days so this is a big coup for me. I will be releasing my new single “City Of The Lonely Hearts” on Spinnin Records on 13th January. I am also looking to collaborate with a few mainstream artists this year apart from perform.” Listen to the track here.

Even Maroon 5 found the remix top-notch and posted the same on their Facebook page. Now that’s something!

We can’t wait to see what else is in store for the young gun. After all, the year has just started out.