The Amsterdam Dance Event or ADE really is the haven of electronic music, bringing together some of the most inspiring beats from around the world.

The 5-day event held annually in October in Amsterdam is a confluence of electronic culture from around the world, as artists, of various beat and synth variations and sub-genres meet and engage in various conferences, besides performing at many of the hippest clubs around Amsterdam, making the festival the world’s largest city clubbing festival.

Encouraged exclusively by the Amsterdam Dance Event university, a programme for aspiring music professionals, ADE is an event that is scouted by professionals and enthusiasts from the electronic music industry from around the world, making the city one of the world’s musical hotspots during the 5-day period. This year’s edition, specifically, packs in a lot of punch, with a great deal of qualitative representation, along with a touch of the Indian electronic scene.

Coen van Tartwijk(Credit: Coen van Tartwijk)

Read on to find out why The Amsterdam Dance Event 2015  is a must for an electronic music lover.

Want to be a producer?

For those electronic music aficionados, who’ve crossed over to the professional side and are an active part of the industry, even if in the nascent stage, ADE provides an opportunity to learn from and mingle with the electronic scene’s greatest names. The 5-day event covers tech workshops, presentations, panel discussions that take place at Conference, and business meetings that could further brighter prospects for an enthusiastic, nouveau electronic producer.

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The ADE Playground

The ADE Playground is aptly titled, as most beat enthusiasts will find the Playground sessions to be the most fruitful of the time spent at ADE. The Playground is a daytime programme that is composed of hardware workshops, exhibitions, movie screenings, and studio sessions, thereby making ADE resemble one big pop-up assembly. These sessions are especially helpful to up and coming artists in the field, as they’re assimilated into the scene’s exclusive music secrets.

Flickfeeder HardwellHardwell during a session on production (Credit: Flickfeeder)

Willeke Machiels - Playground(Credit: Willeke Machiels)

Clubbing around Amsterdam

During the five day extravaganza that the Amsterdam Dance Event really is, pop up musical performances are organised around the city, converting it from a beautiful, inert space to a buzzing hotbed of electronic music exhibition. With performances simultaneously being held at several clubs, galleries and rooftop terraces, ADE officially becomes an insanely active reverberating sound!

Koen Peters 2(Credit: Koen Peters)

PRJCT Music Festival

ADE is prone to having several electronic groups and organisations curate performances at the event. Of them, The PRJCT Music Festival, popularly referred to as a ‘Festival within a Festival’ is one of the more established curations at ADE, having brought the most avant-garde names in the dance music industry to Amsterdam. With multiple stages, genres and artists, PRJCT Music Festival is the grandest electronic music event, bang in the middle of the ADE programme.

This year, PRJCT Music Festival is bringing down Creamfields, along with a host of other big names to ADE. With the partnership with Creamfields, some of the biggest names of the electronic scene will be in attendance. This includes DJs Knife Party, DVBBS, Blasterjaxx and Tchami, amongst others. In addition to this, this indoor festival at ADE will also be hosting four new stages with the different kind of artists and styles. PRJCT BLUE will present Creamfields, PRJCT GREY will be curated by techno king Marco Carola, PRJCT RED will be dedicated to the English club concept Asylum and PRJCT GREEN will be hosted by eclectic Dutch concept, TIKTAK.

Patrick van Beek 2(Credit: Patrick van Beek)

Antonio Naar(Credit: Antonio Naar)

The 2015 Show

Since ADE is the coming-together of some of the biggest names from the electronic circuit, the 2015 list of artists slated to perform are in no way underwhelming. Along with mainstream acts such as David Guetta, Tiesto, Dave Clarke and Armin van Buuren along with niche performers such as &Me, Blond Ish, Mark Knight and Blasterjaxx. For an electronic music fan, this is the electronic walk of fame.  

Patrick van Beek 3(Credit: Patrick van Beek)

Willeke Machiels 3(Credit : Willeke Machiels)

Day of sLick returns!

The custodians of techno, deep house and progressive house in India, sLick is all set to return to ADE for their third showcase at the event. This year they’re bringing together exciting names from the Indian circuit, featuring Nehya Tolani, DJ Clement, Bullzeye, along with a host of international artists like David Delgado, Jamie Ann Leech B2B Rudosa, Juliet Fox B2B Jinxxa and Jsst. And with the popularity garnered by previous sLick curations, this year’s showcase is awaited most anxiously.

Prateek Pandey, the man behind all things sLick, spoke to us about the upcoming showcase. He said, “We had hosted our events in Amsterdam in 2013 & 2014 in really cool, intimate and 2 of the most revered clubs in the city – Ckub NL & Disco Dolly. I wanted to move away from the Club space and host our event this year at an interesting location. This year we host it at The Tara – an intimate chapel converted into a bar/club smack in the centre of the city. A bunch of Indian artists with special guests from Europe will be performing for us and as always it will be a free entry.”

Truly, ADE is blessed with a unique electronic melange. Of that, Prateek adds, “ADE is an electric week to be in Amsterdam. Everyone is there for a single purpose – to network and party with like minded people from all around the world who are into dance music. It’s one of my favourite 5 days of the calendar year and this year will be my 6th year at ADE.”

sLick(Source: sLick Facebook)

Indian contingency

There are a fair bit of Indian artists who will be performing at ADE this year. Along with Nehya Tolani, Clement, Bullzeye and Loose as part of the sLick showcase, prominent Indian electronic names at the festival techno genius Ankytrixx and progressive house champ (S)Haan, with the two having their own showcases. Here’s to India firmly cementing its position on the global electronic map.

12074621_898694676874178_4390779561376550521_n(Source: Ankytrixx Facebook)

ADE for the Homeless

ADE has always known to have made several efforts in environmental and social sustenance. One of its efforts this year is in partnership with electronic producer Seth Troxler, who, given his well known foodie status, will not only be judging the ADE DJ Cook Off event, that he’s previously won thrice before. But, he will also be teaming up with 10,000 Hours to cook a meal for 75 homeless people.

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