In a far cry from music festivals dominated by male artists, the for non-profit Northern Carolina Women’s Music Festival has expanded to more performers, venues and days this year. 

This year, music festival lineups came under a lot of scrutiny. For a scene boasting with the rise of powerful female vocalists and groups, most major festival artist lists were largely dominated by men, with the year’s headliners being an all-men troupe, with the exception of Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine. Helping combat that growing imbalance in the Northern Carolina Women’s Music Festival. An all-women musical gathering that is a for non-profit show, as it brings together music fans in acquiescence with homegrown and international female music stars; while raising funds for women’s causes in the community.


Expanding to two days this year, from its debut show’s one, the festival has included female artists from the spectrum of music, arts and comedy, as it aims to push female headliners, even while actively working for troubling women’s issues. Artists like Grammy-nominated Tracy Bonham, metal rocker Lita Ford and punk group Go Betty Go feature on the lineup along with a host of other powerful voices, who will be performing from October 23 to 24.

Given how important a part of social conversation gender issues are, The Sherp thinks its incredible on the part of the festival to push for women musical icons, who are unfairly overlooked by the more popular festivals. And if such a cause could be used to fund women’s charities, there’s nothing like it.