This festival is certainly having a difficult year. 

We’ve been hearing all sorts of things about SFX Entertainment this past year. For a company that rose so high so rapidly, this definitely looks like an ugly downfall. Earlier today, several ticket-buyers of the Full Madness Pass received a confusing email from Paylogic, TomorrowWorld’s official ticket sellers.

tomorrowworld cover

This email states that full refund of their tickets will be granted to the attendees, but because only the third day of the event was canceled, they will extract 2/3 of the ticket price henceforth, within the month, separately. This transaction would leave the ticket-buyer with 1/3 of the ticket price. Here’s the gist of the email:


You may have noticed on your credit card statement that you were refunded the full amount of your TomorrowWorld Full Madness Pass or Passes. In accordance with the TomorrowWorld Ticket Refund policy, found here, 1/3 of your ticket price will be refunded, not the entire amount. Since we refunded the full ticket price, we will now charge 2/3 of the ticket price separately again. We will strive to have both transactions be part of a single month’s statement so no additional action is required from your side.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us via our online contact form.

Kind regards,


While refunding only 1/3 of the ticket price seems fair enough, this method is way too complicated and unorganized to be pulled off smoothly. A lot of people are questioning the legality of things and it seems like it will only get messier from hereon.

SFX has taken several blows this year, and this just seems like evidence of that. Stay tuned to Festival Sherpa for more news.