The Village Halloween Parade, New York City, is nothing like anything you’ve imagined. This extravagant festival is returning this year with an epic superhero theme.

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With Halloween drawing closer, we figured you might want to know about this extravagant celebration – maybe mark your calendars, book your tickets, sew your costumes. If you love dressing up, there’s no place better than the world’s largest Halloween parade. After a forced hiatus in 2012 owing to Hurricane Sandy, the city’s beloved parade is back, and this year it’s going to celebrate superheroes, and everything scary.

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The 2015 parade has been dubbed “Hallelujah Halloween Revival”, and it’s about to celebrate its 40th anniversary. On October 31st at 7 pm, hundreds of giant puppets, over 50 bands of various types of music, dancers and artists, and about 50,000 costumed revelers will join in the biggest public participatory event in New York City. You don’t have to be dressed up to watch the parade, but only people in costume are allowed to march. It’s Halloween, after all!

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In a city as densely and diversely populated as New York, it’s hard to find an anything that gives residents a sense of community. But Halloween is a festival that brings people together, and at The Village Halloween Parade, like minded people meet to let their freak flag fly, and the result is quite spectacular.

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