The Mumbai edition of the Bass Camp Festival is going to be sick!

The 2016 Bass Camp Festival has kicked off the festivities with their first gig in Bangalore. The party heads on over to Mumbai on the 12th of November and it is going to be huge! The venue for the Mumbai gig is the ever-happening Khar Social and antiSOCIAL. The special occasion being Khar Social is celebrating their one year anniversary! So the party is slated to be a TWO ROOM PARTY! Upstairs we have Swindle, Spryk, Paper Queen and Niki killing it with funk and in antiSOCIAL, which is downstairs, we have EPROM, B.R.E.E.D, Kumail and Midland Sparks turning up the floor rattling bass!

EPROM, who is a bass heavyweight and is known for his powerful sets, will be taking over duties underground. He’ll be supported by Indian-American duo B.R.E.E.D and other artists. This one is for everyone who loves their deep driving bass synths and drum kicks. Upstairs, the mood is going to be a little mellow but no less wild, because Swindle will be killing it with his grime-infused beats with support from Spryk and other artists!

antiSOCIAL and Khar Social have made a strong mark on the current live venues map. They have been hosting some class acts which sees people with similar mindsets come together and converge under one roof. This party is one of those, which will go down in the books. So it would be extremely foolish to miss this! All the fun, just for a measly INR 500! 


Venue – Khar Social (Above) & antiSOCIAL (below)

Date – 12th Novemeber

Entry – INR 500 

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