“Hey baby, you wanna have fun?” *gags*

It’s impossible to avoid bumping into strangers at festivals and not having short conversations with them and while doing so, you’ll come across a wide variety of rather, particular individuals. We aren’t stereotyping but we’ve noticed a pattern of sorts over our festival experiences so far and now we’re putting it down on the internet forever:

1. The Blacked Out Bro

(Credits: greatphotojournalism.com)

Oh man! We’ve seen countless number of bros who had a really good time but couldn’t manage to keep up with it or even remember it for that matter! Their fellow bros try to help out but after a while, they let their defeated soldier lay down and tell everybody the tale.

2. The Front Seat Squatters

(Credits: wordpress.com/swamiupendra)

These people will be the first ones to turn up to the stage and will make sure that their place is secured come hell or high water! They’ll make a mini- circle right next to the barricade and God forbid if you accidentally touch them!

3. The Hula Girl

(Credits: SulaFest)

At first, she seems like the most free spirited girl, just having a good time and mingling with everyone who asks for a picture but that raises several questions in your mind about the hula. Will she be swinging around the whole time? Will she ever set it down? How will she eat? What if someone steals it?

4. The SnapChat Addicts

These kids will only enjoy taking as many pictures of the artist’s performance instead of enjoying the performance in the moment but don’t forget that they’ll caption the Snap with “Memories, Hard Scenes, So Happy Right Now, Best Night Ever” and more.

5. That Couple With Their Kid/Kids

(Credits: dailymail.co.uk)

We don’t know why people would bring their kids to a festival since most of the time the children end up hating the loud sound that’s created at the venue. Plus most kids are not huge fans of big crowds but they can’t be left alone with the grandparents cause the parents are too hipster. #SorryNotSorry