Cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, has come up as a viable transaction medium for supporting buying physical goods, exchanging money, and placing bets at your favourite casino. Bitcoin also allows players to remain anonymous and provides encryption that makes it harder to lose your money. As more players learn about bitcoin, the number of casinos that now accept the cryptocurrency has exploded. But, why should you use bitcoin at an online casino?


One of the main reasons why cryptocurrencies were created was to ensure the government or the banks do not control your currency. Bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, is a decentralised currency. This means no one has jurisdiction over your money or transactions.

Since your details are never exposed to anyone, all you need to provide is your wallet’s address and you are okay to start sending and receiving money. 


Casinos that accept bitcoin do not ask for personal information other than your wallet’s address and a username. Since you do not have to provide any details, you can be assured the casino does not know who you are, which can help protect your identity.

If a casino that accepts cryptocurrency asks you for more details than this, you should move on and find an alternative.

Lower Fees

When you pay using a credit or debit card, or even online platforms, your transactions need to be tunnelled through several providers before they reach their destination. This process is expensive and is also why these transactions often incur heavy fees.

All transactions made using bitcoin are stored in an online ledger known as a blockchain. This is the ledger that tracks and keeps records of all transactions. Here, there are no banks or payment providers to deal with. This is why you will find very low transaction fees on casinos that accept bitcoin.

Wider Adoption

When bitcoin came to the market, there were only a handful of casinos that accepted bitcoin, but the number of these casinos is increasing daily. Lots of different platforms have also come up to support this adoption. Websites like Bitcoingg Online have everything you need to know to get started playing with bitcoin at your favourite casino. In addition, they also provide a list of reputable casinos where you can use bitcoin so you do not go hunting for them.

Faster Transactions

Decentralisation allows transactions to be done in real-time since everything is done online. There is no physical money to move around and no intermediaries involved.

Keep in mind that transactions are completed as soon as a block of cryptocurrency has been processed. This process can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a day, but this still beats the 2-3 days it would take to complete some types of transactions.

Cryptocurrency is changing the way we pay for things in the physical world. It also offers several benefits to players who opt for this method of payment. Remember that playing with bitcoin is as risky as playing with real cash, so don’t take unnecessary risks in the name of winning.