You might know about Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, or maybe you are unfamiliar. If you don’t know about it, it’s time you learned. This vacation spot has some great activities that beckon, and perhaps you’ll visit this year.

The things to do in Pigeon Forge include both manmade activities and natural ones. We’ll run through some of the more attractive ones right now.

Walk in the Woods

Even if you haven’t booked a hotel or set up any other activities yet, walking in the woods around Pigeon Forge is arguably one of the most fun activities you can do there. It costs you nothing, and there are many trails, both natural and manmade.

You can spend time walking under the trees. In Pigeon Forge, you can see poplars, ashes, and black oaks. You can see black walnuts and beeches.

You can also see many animals. You may spot squirrels and many bird varieties. You can sometimes see deer, skunks, foxes, badgers, and many other woodland denizens.

Down by the creeks, you can find snakes, frogs, and salamanders. If you have kids with you, you can go wading and catch frogs. You can splash around and have a great time before finding some civilization again.

Go Shopping

You can also shop in Pigeon Forge. If you walk around the town, you will find many small but delightful places selling shirts, caps, and many other souvenirs.

You can easily get something cheap or gaudy, but you will also find many local artists there selling original pieces. You might prefer an original painting versus something mass-produced or plastic.

You can get some pieces for your living room back home. You can pick up some conversation starters that your friends, family members, and neighbors should all admire.

Play Some Mini Golf

You might also check out the mini golf courses. Pigeon Forge has some great ones. You can grab a putter and a ball and take on all comers. You can face your family members and see who’s got the athletic skill the game requires.

You can find some mini golf courses with large, colorful obstacles. Some have water hazards. You can play the same course several times, or you might find a few different ones and spend the day practicing your craft.

When you finish, you can go play in one of the arcades. The arcades have ski ball, mini basketball games, and many old favorites. If you find Mortal Combat, Street Fighter, or another old-school classic, you can show your kids your skills.

You can pile up all the tickets you earn and get a prize. If you don’t have many, you might get a small plastic dinosaur or some playing cards. If you have many tickets, maybe you can get a big stuffed animal or something equally exciting.

You should enjoy your Pigeon Forge vacation. The state welcomes you, and this idyllic town has so many options your whole family should love.