Recent deaths due to apparent drug overdoses at the Time Warp festival have caused a temporary ban on all licenses issued for dance music events in Argentina!

On April 15, five people succumbed to drug overdoses at the Time Warp festival in Buenos Aires with four others being rushed to the hospital. This has led to the mayor calling for a temporary ban on Dance music festivals and events. This ban will be lifted only when fresh legislation is passed to curb such incidents from happening.


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Suggestions for the bill include better information regarding medical centres and drug-focused training for event organisers. Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta’s decision was just a day after one of the four patients was released from the hospital, while the other three are still believed to be in critical but stable condition. Eyewitnesses have stated that attendees were often offered designer drugs including ecstasy pills, LSD, marijuana, poppers and cocaine. Five people have been arrested until now in relation to these events.

Countless drug related overdoses and deaths have also plagued Australia since last year with similar laws causing an absolute slump in music festivals. Even the recently held Ultra Miami had one such death take place. The alarming trend definitely calls for strict action but is banning festivals completely really the answer? As proven in Australia, all it really does is put organizers and employees out of a job. Saddening as their deaths are, should the mistakes of a few affect everyone else’s chance to enjoy a music festival?

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