EVOLVEFEST, “A visionary community of bold souls, kind minds and artistic mystics.” has (quite ironically) been rampantly promoting bigotry and Anti-LGBT sentiments.

With bold statements like these in their Facebook description :


It seems just a teensy bit hypocritical when they also post this :

This was in fact a reply to the massive barrage of comments from people calling them out on their bigotry when it became evident that the CEO David Bryson was homophobic, transphobic, anti-semitic, Islamophobic and had issues with women’s sexual agency. Using the Evolvefest official page as his platform, he started flooding the internet with his hate filled rants. Word soon got around to the festival organizers and partners who immediately distanced themselves from Bryson. The festival was soon cancelled and their Facebook page was degraded to a community status. This hasn’t deterred David from still posting hateful content regularly. It is a shame for anyone in this day and age to be so intolerant especially when they claim to be open-minded and welcoming to everyone.  A page called Boycott Evolvefest has been actively bringing Bryson’s activities to light and promoting the boycott of his events. They have gained a lot of support and restores some of our faith in humanity.