Sunburn Goa is set to be all kinds of incredible this December! The reloaded and redefined Sunburn is back with a magnitude you’ve never seen before! These folks are determined to take things to the next level. The Sherp is pretty impatient to experience all the new things Sunburn has to offer:


1. A New Venue: Vagator

10 times larger than the previous location and more accessible, the beautiful stretch of Vagator sands is situated right in the middle of North Goa.


Here’s a little history about Vagator:


2. Rukes

The juggernaut of nightlife photography – Rukes – is going to be capturing the memorable experiences at Sunburn Goa this year.



3. Sunburn Cruises

If you need a little break from the music and the madness, hop onto one of these and take a look back at the view of the massive Planet Sunburn!

Book Your Cruise Here



4. Ferris Wheel

Any kind of revelry is incomplete without a Ferris Wheel! No matter how old you become, this giant rotating structure is always fascinating! If you want to breathe in the festival air from a slightly higher altitude, hop onto this!

The ferris wheel at the Coachella


5. Camping

Sunburn is offering limited availability on-site camping for you adventurous souls who don’t want to miss a single beat!



6. Hot Air Balloon

To enjoy a sensational view of the festivities with your significant other, take a hot-air balloon ride over the venue!



7. Paracopter

If you’re not a weakling at heart, soar above the venue in a more adventurous way to get an unbelievable and breathtaking view!



8. Bungee Jumping

If you enjoy perils as much as you enjoy good music, Sunburn has just that for you at Vagator this year!



9. Rock Climbing

More adventure sports! #win

Cliffhanger Climbing Gym, Altona North, Victoria, Australia


10. Zorbing

I mean, who wouldn’t want to roll around in a big inflatable ball for a new thrill-seeking experience?



11. Movie Theater

Sit down on the sands and watch a nice flick when you’re tired of all the jumping and fist-pumping.



12. Kite-Flying

Did someone say ‘kites’… on the beach? Wheeeee!



13. More Afterdark Parties (over four locations!)

…because there’s no such thing as too much partying!



14. Happy Hours!

Time to lose your inhibitions and party night & day!

Shots on a bar


15. VIP Foam Party

…say whaaaaaat?